About Me

About Me

I started my acupuncture practice back in 1969. I am an exceptionally well travelled practitioner in this profession. I spent months in China each year in my younger days meeting associates and leading medical tours for my students.
My modest little Acupuncture clinic sits in the heart of the Republic of Singapore. Located in Far East Shopping Centre, it is highly accessible from most hotels, the nearest, Hilton Hotel, is only a mere 2 minutes walk away.
I am in a semi-retirement practice and I spend most of my time travelling overseas to visit old friends, and ex-patients. Therefore it is important that you check my homepage for my travelling schedule and drop me an email before making your travel arrangement to come see me.
I only provide acupuncture treatment on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. As such there is a little waiting time of about a few days. If you resides overseas and need help to arrange for local hotels, please email us and we may be able to help book your accommodation.

My visit to Shang Dong University Hospital. Prof Zhang Ying Qing (right most) insisted on helping me to carry my video equipment bag throughout the visit just before this photo was taken. It was summer and thus the doctors were in shorts.

I must stress that Acpuncture therapy consist of no less than a sitting of 10-15 treatments as a course of therapy. If you are trying out a few treatments to experience what it is like than I would kindly request that you give the chance to other patients who are badly in need of my treatment. I hate to turn away patients but given that I am in semi-retirement practice I have very few appointment slots available so I ask for your forgiveness if I have to turn you away if you are not committed to a full course of therapy.

My clinic’s address:

545 Orchard Road,
Far East Shopping Centre.
Singapore 238882.
Republic of Singapore.

Appointmet Tel:
(65) 6732 7907, (65) 6734 5330

Direct Enquiry Tel:
(65) 6738 3861.

If you are taking a taxi, please insist that it is the Far East Shopping Centre JUST BESIDE HILTON HOTEL.

This is because there is also a Far East Plaza which is more renowed to tourist and most taxi drivers WILL presume that you want to go there. And to make things worse someone with the same last name has opened a Acupuncture practice there on the same third floor and I regularly have patients ended up receiving treatments there only to find out it wasn’t me.

Hotel Accomodation

There are a few hotels near by. Below are the hotel links on Agoda. Agoda is a hotel booking website that usually gives you better discount than your local travel agents. You can book immediately with a credit card and the confirmation will be email to you. Agoda can also help you arrange airport pickup with the hotel.
Hotel NameWalking TimePrice
Hilton Hotel1 minFrom US$220
Four Season Hotel5 minFrom US$366
Pan Pacific Orchard10 minFrom US$246
Orchard Parade10 minFrom US$170
Orchard Hotel10 minFrom US$235
Grand Hyatt15 minFrom US$279
Royal Plaza10 minFrom US$212


About Dr T T Ang​

My journey began in early 1961, in the pursuit of knowledge in the discipline of Acupuncture when I travelled extensively to various Acupuncture institutes and hospitals in Hong Kong and various regions of China.

I graduated with my first Diploma in Acupuncture from Chinese Acupuncture and Cauterization Centre (Singapore 1968), under the Great Master Siao.

I then went on to receive my second Higher Diploma in Apprenticeship & Research from the Chinese Acupuncture from Chinese Acupuncture Institute (Hong Kong 1969).

Upon completion of my studies, I began to develop keen interest in the field of Taiji, Qigong Meditation, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine and their applications in the modern medical practice.

Chinese Nature-Cure Institute

Chinese Nature-Cure Institute was established in 1969, with the goal of promoting the different Chinese ancient healing arts such as Qigong Meditation, Taiji, Qigong, Acupressure, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, as well as Food Cure Remedies.

Later in 1973, the Nature Cure and Acupuncture Society of Singapore, was established with the similar goals. From 1982 to 1998, I began the most epic journey of my life. I travelled to the most remote places in China where acupuncture and TCM were practiced.

I stayed in small town and villages in every corners of China, learning pinnacle skills from 28 legendary old masters in the field of Acupuncture practices and methodology.

These trips included advance research studies on Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in prestigious TCM Universities in Shanghai, Beijing and Lanzhou.

I witnessed first hand how people in severe poverty is able to receive basic healthcare while travelling in these remote villages, sometimes staying for more than two months (towing my young children along). Unlike modern medicines which requires sophisticated equipment supplemented by modern machinery, Acupuncture and TCM can prevail under appalling living conditions. It gave me even more motivation to understand more.

This training course was conducted in Lanzhou Medical Hospital. I had led a team of my students consisting of Europeans and Asian on this trip. Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province in Northwest China. It was a very rare and difficult trip where transportation was not as well established as today. We had to travel by small plane from Beijing to reach there. Basic amenities were severely lacking.

He is also among the pioneer research fellows in the new field of ECIWO Biology & Medicine.  In recognition of Dr. Ang’s participation and development of ECIWO theories and methodology, the Shandong University of China conferred an honorary title of Visiting Professor of ECIWO Biology in 1988 and the Executive Chairman for the first International Congress of ECIWO Biology Medicine.

Similarly, the Lanzhou Medical University conferred Dr. Ang as their Honorary Visiting Professor in 1990, in recognition of his devotion and effort in promoting Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and further research study at the university. A “Ang Tee Tong Scholarship” was also funded in Lanzhou Medical University, China Biology Medicine for further advance research development in these areas in order to benefit mankind.

Dr. Ang held the first ECIWO International Congress in Singapore (1990) and received worldwide participation from over 27 countries. He was then invited to chair several other ECIWO congresses throughout the world and gave numerous key-note speeches.

As the Executive Chairman, he had organized several International Congress of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Towards Worldwide Recognition, Singapore since 1992, provided the platform for international medical professionals to exchange knowledge and ideas for further research into these areas.

Having practiced for over 40 years, Dr. Ang has derived and streamlined his knowledge into a whole new system of methodology, named T.T. Ang Chinese Nature Cure System, to further extend the reach of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and to further his exploration into food cure remedies, as well as the new field of ECIWOs theories.

1994 – Vice Chairman for the 2nd International Congress of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture November, Gansu, China. Vice Chairman for the East & West Medicine And TCM & Acupuncture Conference December, Hainan, China

1995 – Chairman for Congress of the Latest Development in Clinical Practices for Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture, Singapore.

1996 – Lecturer on E-system of Acupuncture for conferences helps in Russia, United States of America and seminar in Marseille, France. Vice Chairman for the 2nd International Conference of TCM Medicine Clinical Studies, November 1996, Tianjin, China.

1997 – Guest of Honor for Acupuncture Conference in India & lecturer for E-system seminars help in India (October). Awarded Doctor of Philosophy by Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science.

1998 – January, Invited to Germany to give lectures on E-system of Acupuncture and due to popular demand, was invited again (in Dec) to conduct another series of lectures on the system.

1999 – May, Took part in conference help in Riga (Latvia) as a lecturer for latest development on ECIWO Acupuncture (July) Conduct ancient Taiji Qigong seminar in Austria.

2000 – Executive chairman for World Convention of Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture help in Singapore (March) – the 5th international Congress of Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture towards worldwide. Awarded Doctor of Science by Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science

2001 – Invited by The Hospital President, The Scientific Council of Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute, and presented with the title of The Honourable Friend of The Hospital, September. Invited by The Polish Acupuncture Society, and presented with the title of the Honourable Member, October.

2004 – Keynote speaker “Regulating the Immunological Function Using Acupuncture/Moxibustion Therapy” for the 5th Acupuncture and Moxibustion Symposium in Shanghai, China. Keynote speaker “Regulate The Immunology Function Using Acupuncture/Moxibustion Therapy and Cases Reports” For The 5th International Congress of Medical & Cosmetic Acupressure-Acupuncture December, Aurangabad, India.

2005 – April, Invited and Attended Acupuncture Conference of Integrative Medicine and deliver his report of A Cure for “Non Small Cell Lung Carcinoma”. 21st – 23rd, Lodz, Poland. In October, he was invited to the 2nd Joint Vietnamese-Polish Scientific Conference of Integrative Medicine in Hanoi, Vietnam. Keynote speaker on the topic of ECIWO Medicine and The Practice of E-System Acupuncture

2006 – May, Russian Acupuncture Conference. Keynote speaker on the report of Disappearance of Carcinoma Symptoms.

2007 – Invited to the Joint Vietnamese-Polish Scientific Conference on Integrative Medicine in Hanoi, Vietnam。 Invited  to The 9th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tokyo, Japan.

2008 – Appointed as Consultant for 2009 World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Bijing, China.

2008 – Invited by the United Nations’ Club <<Santé et Bien- être>>, to give a lecture and demonstrations of Acupuncture. Interviewed by UN Speciale, article published in issue No 680- January 2009.

2009 – Invited by the University of the Western Cape, Faculty of Community & Health Sciences, School of Natural Medicine, to give a lecture and demonstrations of Acupuncture.

2010 – International Health & Longevity Forum & Health Industry Exposition, Beijing, China

2013 – International Health & Longevity Forum & Health Industry Exposition, Tong Hua, China

2015 – International Health & Longevity Forum & Health Industry Exposition, Daegu, South Korea

Published Book List Prof T T Ang

  1. The Way of Nature Cure Tai-Chi Chuan Kung-Fu & Philosophy Its effects and practical applications with self instruction charts of Traditional Yang’s Tai-Chi – 1979
  2. The Way of Nature Cure Meditation and Breathing Techniques Acupuncture – New Acupuncture Methods Press- Massage – Vita Points Self Message – 1980
  3. The Way of Nature Cure Ang’s Method Acupuncture Therapy – 1982
  4. The Way of Nature Cure Ang Tai-Chi and Moving Meditation Practicing For Health and Vitality – 1983
  5. Qigong Healing Art Healing Art with 3000 Years of History – 1987
  6. Chin Lou Qigong The Qi discipline between the acupuncture channels for the purpose of research on qigong And massage – 1987
  7. A Study on Traditional Chinese Qigong & Its Healing Properties – 1987
  8. Charts on Illustrated ECIWO Biology & Medicine (1990) (62 x 44 cm per chart) A set of 2 – 1990
  9. International Congress of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture 1992 – Singapore – Towards Worldwide Recognition Congress Handbook (Chief Editor) – 1992
  10. The New Practical Notes of Acupuncture & Moxibustion – 1992
  11. Cosmetic Acupuncture (1992) A Holistic Approach to Cosmetic & Good Health – 1992
  12. The 3rd International Congress of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture 1995 – Singapore towards Worldwide Recognition – Congress Handbook (Chief Editor) – 1995
  13. Latest Development of Embryo System & Practical Notes of TCM Acupuncture – 1995
  14. Chinese Herbs and Food Cure Remedies Special Chinese Food Cure Diet and ECIWO Embryonic Herbs Properties – 1995
  15. World Convention Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture The 5th International Congress of Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture Towards World Recognition Congress Handbook (Editor) – 2000
  16. The Latest E-System Acupuncture T T Ang’s Nature-Cure System – 2000