Ancient stories – Herbs for good health and longevity

Lately, there were several international reports from various countries pertaining to people who stay near the mountains or countryside away from cities and towns and these people have lived longer and stayed healthier in their old age of over 100 years old.

The peculiar part of these elderly people is that they can still maintain perfect vision, a healthy frame of mind and robust energy flow with strong body functions even at such an age.

Scientists in China did research studies on people staying in a village at Shanxi Province and discovered that these villagers have a life span up to 120 years old or more with grandchildren as old as 80-90 years old.

This is because they have been drinking from a mountain spring growing with Chinese herbal plants like the Spica Prunellae, Polygani Plant, Bupleur and other precious herbal plants. Hence the scientists concluded their findings by explaining that the longevity of the village people was due to the drinking water they consumed daily.

In recent years various reports from China, Japan and European countries described certain plants, tea and herbs proven to be able to use as anti-cancer medicine for treating certain types of cancer. Therefore this prompted us to do some research and we had read through some ancient and old books related to Chinese food and diet, herb cure remedies and from these ancient records we provide a little as following:

Case 1 – Tian Mendung (Asparagus Root)

In ancient record, it is believed that after long duration of consuming this root, it will increase body energy and activate body function, reduce one’s appetite without feeling hunger, create alertness with quick movements and upon old age still allows the hair and teeth to grow and be strong.

Therefore this herb is considered the King or Chief of all herbs. It is described as a “Fairy Herb” to maintain longevity and good health.

Case 2 – Juhua (Chrysanthemum Flower)

There was a case in the old record that a village in China had a population of villagers whose life spans were in 3 categories – maximum age group 100 – 130, medium 100 and minimum up to 70 years old.

Research proved that it was due to the drinking water as the village’s irrigation system went through the chrysanthemum plantation. The news reached to the District Government officers and they demanded the village head to send down water for their own consumption.

They then discovered that after drinking for some time those who are suffering from dizziness (similar to dizziness due to hypertension syndrome in modern terms) were being cured from the spell. The District Governor then ordered this water in a pond be stored and named it the Chrysanthemum Flower Pond.

Case 3 – Zhu Sha (Cinnabaris)

The ancient book known as “Pao-Pu-Tze Nai Pien” (Inner Chapter Of The Holding To Simplicity Master A.D. 320) dated about 2,300 years ago, author Ker Hong has records on “xi xi shou kao” meaning longevity for generations.

Recorded that there was a household with family members living up to 80, 90 and 100 years old. Eventually this household shifted out to another place and realised that the life span of their family members no longer lived up to that ripe old age.

A new family then moved into the same house and their family members were able to live up to 100 years old also for generations. It was then discovered that this was due to a well that provided drinking water for the house at the backyard, which contained burgundy coloured water with property for longevity.

Researchers dug around the well and surrounding areas and discovered that somebody had buried Zhu Sha there in the ground and the household members by drinking the well water were able to live their life longer and kept in good health.

Case 4 – Jue Mingzi ( Semencassiae)

A Taoist from Xianxi, China’s Dragon Mountain whose age was more than a 100 years old but looked young with features like a child – sharp hearing and perfect eyesight able to read and see objects a few kilometres away and read small letters at a very near distance.

People around him felt strange and consulted him for advice and special remedy or formula. The Taoist gave them some Semencassiae grounded into powder to consume one teaspoon daily for 365 days. He explained that this could help to influence good energy to the body abstracted from the earth and heaven as well as the four seasons.

Therefore those who consume this herb from the mountain would enjoy longevity, good eyesight and even those with eye diseases could be cured.

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