ECIWO Acupuncture Case Study – Compilation 01

By Dr André Do
4 Rond Point Pierre de Ronsard – 54300 LUNEVILLE


This patient suffered from pain in his right shoulder for more than one year. He has taken drugs, which did not reduce his pain but caused gastritis, so he stopped his treatment. He could not sleep and was very tired.


Treatment and course:

I used ASHI points and on the 2nd metacarpal bone: upper limb point, stomach point
I added few magnets (5) on ASHI points.

After one treatment this patient could sleep all night. His pain was reduced a lot.
He completed 6 sittings within 3 weeks and showed much improvement.


HOLTZINGER A, on 14th August 1968 seen on 13th September 1999

Diagnose from Western Medicine:

This patient was very tired after Hepatitis B Vaccination since 23-11-1997. Biology normal Western doctors told him it was not the vaccination that caused this trouble but he was suffering from depression.

Treatment and course:

I used Dazhui (Du 14), Zuzanli (Stomach 36) and Hegu (Large intestine 4)
ECIWO Points on the 2nd metacarpal bone: Liver & kidney point.

After 4 sittings, this patient showed a great improvement and sleep much better. He could work with more energy and enjoy life again.


FLEURANTIN P. Born on 12-5-1991 seen on 28-1-2000

Diagnose from Western Medicine:

Albumin urine which needed to be treated with cortisone for 4 years. If not her kidneys would be very sick.

At present she has pneumonia treated with antibiotics and cortisone but albumin was found in her urine again. She went on coughing, did not sleep well and was very weak. She has not gone to school for 3 weeks. Her mother was worried because the doctors in the hospital told her she had to carry back her daughter from the hospital.

Treatment and course:

I used stomach 36, lung 9.
MOXA on Dazhui (Du 14), Zuzanli (St 36), Shenzhu (UB23)
ECIWO Points on 2nd metacarpal bone: kidney

After the first treatment, she could sleep all night and his cough was less important. The 2nd sitting was done 2 days after and biology of her urine did not show albumin any more. She was healthy and could go to school again after 4 sittings within 2 weeks.

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