The article is extracted  from English-Chinese Concise, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Publishing House of Shanghai College of T.C.M. (1993)

Identification and Treatment

1 Upward Attack of Wind-Phlegm

Main Manifestations: Distending and splitting sensation in the eyes, splitting headache, nausea, vomiting, mixed congestion of the eyeball, misty correal edema, mydriasis with green-blue colour and rock hard eyeballs.

Therapeutic Method: Tonify the lung and soothe the liver.

Decoction: Ophiopogon root 30g, lucid asparagus root 30g, red tangerine peel 9g, poria 9g, prepared pinellia tuber 9g, sweet wormwood 9g, trichosanthes root 9g, licorice root 9g, wine-prepared flavescent sophora root 9g, gentian root 9g, areca seed 12g, fossil fragments 24g, and oyster shell 24g.

Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Prescribed Points: Taichong (Liv 3) (on both sides).

Method: Puncture the point with the strong stimulation and retain the needles for 20 – 40 minutes. Give the treatment once or twice each day.


Press and knead Fengchi (Gb 20) for 30 times. Scrape the eye orbits for 30 times. Knead Zanzhu (Ub 2), Jingming (Ub 1) and Taiyang (Ex 2) for 30 times respectively.  Heat the eyes for 30 seconds. Dig and knead Hegu (Li 4) for 30 times, and knead Taichong (Liv 3) and Ganshu (Ub 18) for 30 times respectively.

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