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TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM Physiological Theory

Qi The Yang Energy System There are 2 types of qi. One is congenital qi ( Hsiantian ) and the other is acquired qi ( Houtian ). Congenital qi is qi of the organs and channels, and it is acquired from the parents. In acquired qi, there is nutrient qi ( Yingqi ) which circulates … Continue reading "TCM Physiological...

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T T Ang System

Why does a person often feel sick whereas others stay in good health even without medication? Why do people suffer from chronic disease, diabetes, vascular or heart diseases, arthritis etc? The early stages of such illnesses could be evident in the process of aging, because the bodyís organs and functions are not performing as efficiently … Continue reading "T T...

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Modern View on the Theory of Channels, Collaterals, and Organs

A long time associate of mine, Dr Mikhail Teppone, send me his latest paper on the modern view of the theory of Channels, Collaterals, and organs. I am re-posting his papers here, and if you are interested to find out more, please contact Dr Mikhail. His contact details can be found in at the end of the … Continue reading "Modern View...

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TCM Concepts

Modern Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

This is the second part of what Dr Mikhail Teppone emailed me. I’m helping him put up on my website to help him get more views on his paper. Original Article ABSTRACT The terms and theories applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are interpreted in this article. Ql can be imagined as a universal measuring and … Continue reading "Modern Interpretation...

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United Nation’s Interview with Dr T T Ang

Founder of the Chinese Nature Cure Institute in Singapore, Dr. Ang explained how to preserve one’s health and promote self-healing by opting for a holistic approach based on an appropriate and personalized food diet which takes into account seasons and the person’s current own condition, the use of specific herbs, specific exercise, acupuncture, self-massage (acupressure) … Continue reading "United Nation’s...

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

ETIOLOGY Etiology of Chinese Medicine In China

Having existed as a part of humanity through the ages, cancer is now one of the leading killers and cause of poor health in our civilization. History has observed the struggle against cancer by our Chinese ancestors, with their wealth of accumulated experience. There are many records and descriptions of tumors in the long history … Continue reading "ETIOLOGY Etiology...

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Understanding Stress – TCM Way

Our world today is filled with stress. Although the definition of stress and our reaction to it is different from each individual whereby several members of any one family often show a similar pattern, the impact it has on our internal organs is somewhat similar based on Traditional Chinese Medical concept. One of the results … Continue reading "Understanding Stress...

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