Modern Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

TCM Concepts
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The terms and theories applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are interpreted in this article. Ql can be imagined as a universal measuring and comparison unit as well as a common managing parameter in a cybernetic sense: the terms Heat and Cold are suggested as an evaluation of heat production by the patient body or his/her organs; the theory of stress designed by Selye is compared with Zhang theory of 6 Channels. Finally, theories used in TCM are explained to be a mathematical model, showing the general physiological and pathological processes taking place in the human body.

Key Words: TCM Theory. Qi. Tao. Yin. Yang. Five Elements, Heat, Cold. Excess, Deficiency


DO WE NEED 10 PRESERVE the original Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lingo or it is possible to

match the TCM terms with their equivalents in modern medicine? Can a Western physician apply such terms as Yin and Yang, Five Elements. Excess or Deficiency, and Heat or Cold in his/her daily acupuncture practice?

In this article, we attempt to answer these questions and suggest reasonable explanations of the main terms and theories applied in TCM.


The main aspects of Acupoints, Channels, and Organs have already been described.t?2 We repeat our idea: it is assumed that through the theory of Channels and Collaterals that ancient Chinese physicians described physiology and pathology of intercellular spaces as well as body cavities, and by the theory of Zang and Fu Organs, they described cellular physiology and pathology.

(The) system of Acupoints is a part of the Channels, i.e., it is a part of intercellular spaces. Due to morphologic and functional complexity of acupoint areas, it provides interaction between internal body environments with its external surrounding.


It is difficult to translate the term Ql and many different translations have been proposed, none of which approximates the exact essence of Qi.3 Et can assume different manifestations and can mean different things in various situations. Usually. it is impossible to understand the meaning exactly without the text where the word, Qi. Is applied. Sometimes, Qi is translated as ”air,” ”energy,” and  “living force,” or functional activity is described by means of Qi. At the same time, it is both material and nonmaterial. It can he associated with either “energy” or “form” Hence, it has a quality described by quantum physics as corpascular-wave dualism.

A name of the Qi depends on context and classification (or system of coordinates) that is applied; for example Yang Qi and Yin Qi. Wei Qi and Nei Qi. Qi of Lnng, Qi of Liver, Qi of Upper Jiao. etc. Accordingly, one and the same “Qi” can be named by a different manner according to its exact function…


The full paper on Modern Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory.

About Herb Ren Shen (Ginseng)


Rén Shen (Ginseng)

Ginseng (Ren Shen) is a popular herbal tonic that combat fatigue and boosts our immune-system function. The botanical name is known as Panax ginseng C. A. Mey. and the Pharm. name is Radix Ginseng. The plant’s medicinal portion is the root, tasted sweet and slightly bitter. It is warm in property and enters the lung, spleen and heart organs and its meridians.


  1. To replenish the Qi (vital energy)
  2. To promote the secretion of body fluids
  3. To tonify the spleen and lung
  4. Sedative, cardiotonic and anti-fatigue


  1. Shock and prostration
  2. Diarrhea and loss of appetite due to the hypofunction of the spleen
  3. Dehydration, diabetes
  4. Palpitation, insomnia, forgetfulness
  5. Fatigue, extreme weakness


For a person with true heat and pathogenic fever factors

Chemical Component:

Panaxosides, essential oil (panacene, panaxynol), saponin (ginsenoside), protopanaxadiol, protopanaxatriol. Recommended Dosage: 3-9 gm. (30gm. For shock)

Pharm. Action:

  1. Action on the central nervous system:
    • Balance the excitatory and inhibitory process of the cerebral cortex
    • Enhance the conditioned reflex
    • Increase the ability of analysis
    • Reduce fatigue – can prolong the swimming time of rats
  2. Influence on the response of the organism:
    • Similar action as the adaptogen – can increase the defence ability of the organism
    • Prevent the febrile action caused by injection of vaccines in rabbits
    • Increase the process of healing in injury situations
    • Reduce the toxicity of certain chemicals
    • Anti-histamine – no significant anti-histamine reaction
  3. Action on the endocrine system:
    • Excitatory action on the pituitary-adrenal cortex system
      • increase the function on the adrenal cortex system
      • increase the immunity response to outside stimuli
      • increase the resistance to diseases
    • Stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more sex hormones
    • Increase the function of the thyroid in a short period if a large dosage of ginseng is given to the rabbits
    • Anti-diuretic – action similar to dehydroxycortisone
  4. Action on the metabolism:
    • Reduce blood sugar – synergistic action with insulin
    • Regulate the metabolism of cholesterol – prevent the incidence of hypercholesterolemia
    • Increase appetite and absorption of the digestive system
    • Increase the synthesis of protein ribose and nuleic acid
  5. Action on the circulatory system:
    • Cardiac tonic – action similar to cardiac glycoside. A small dosage can increase the contraction of heart, but a large dosage can cause toxic reaction.
    • Stimulate the production of red and white blood cells
  6. Action on the reticuloendothelial system:
    • Increase the immune response of the body
    • Stimulate the production of immunoglobulins
    • Increase the production of white blood cells and prevent the decrease of wbc.
    • Increase the production of lymphocytes and promote the transformation of lymphoblast
  7. Anti-anaphylaxis:
    • Prevent anaphylactic shock caused by horse serum
    • Significant inhibition on allergic edema

(reference : The handbook of Chinese Herbs)

Ginseng Actions & indication

Invigorating primordial qi, tranquilizing the mind, improving wisdom, promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, tonifying the spleen and lung and delaying senility. It is used for : (1) Debility due to severe and long-standing diseases; (2) Magersucht, poor appetite and loose stool; (3) Insomnia, amnesia, palpitation and severe palpitation, etc.

Direction and Dosage 

Take 3 grams of ginseng slice orally, once a day, Or, take 5-10 grams for decoction, which is to be taken in several doses.


It is contraindicated for those with excess syndromes, heat syndromes and sufficient vital-qi, black false hellebore, faeces trogopterorum or Chinese honey locust should be avoided to be used together with ginseng. Ginseng efficacy may be reduced if one drinks tea or has radish during administration period.

Contemporary Study Summary

1. Chemical Compositions

Ginseng contains panaxosides, panacene, panaxynol, Panax acid, prositisol, choline, amino acid, peptide, panose A,B,C glucose, fructose, maltose, vitamins B1, B2, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid and trace elements as Ge, Sr and Rb, etc

2. Main Pharmacological Actions

(1) Anti-senility and prolong life, (2) Anti-fatigue; (3) Strengthen the heart; (4) Improve immune
function; (5) Stimulate marrow hemopoiesis and liver detoxification; (6) Improve adaptability.

Toxicological Study

“Ginseng abuse syndrome” may be induced if one had a long period of continuing consumption of big dosage. One consumption of extremely big dosage may lead to death.

(reference : The Collection of Ageing Delaying Traditional Chinese Medicines With Color Illustration)

Other Indications:

Taxation damage with low food intake and lassitude; stomach reflux; efflux diarrhea; vacuity cough with rapid, distressed, dyspneic breathing; spontaneous sweating; fulminant desertion; fright palpitation; dizziness; impotence; frequent urination; uterine bleeding; chronic fright wind; enduring vacuity; insufficiency of qi, blood, and fluids.

(Source : The Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica, page 40)

Used for gastric carcinoma, lung cancer, carcinoma of esphagus, mammary cancer, tumor, carcinoma of uterus, malignant lymphoma.

(reference : Kang Ai Zhi Wu Yao Ji Qi Yang Fang, page 19.)

Also used for Hodgkin’s disease, chorionic epithelioma, acute lymphocytic leukemia, acute monocytic leukemia, lymphocarcinoma, reticulum cell sarcoma, hypertension and primary thrombocytopenic purpura. External application for burns.

(reference : Kang Ai Zhong Yao, Page 14.)

Lung Carcinoma

Patient : A Medical Professional

Male/Age59/Weight72kg/ Frequently Exercise/Vital And Healthy

Non Smoking/No Syndrome of Discomfort/ No Medications

Discovery of the Growth Of The Mass/ Lung Carcinoma About 3.7×3.6cm Located At The Lower Lobe Of The Right Lung During His Journey In Yantai ,China ( May 2002)

  • 3.7X3.6 c m Tumor Mass Was Found At middle Lobe Of Right Lung
  • The Density Of Tumor Mass Was Smooth
  • The Marginal Of The Tumor Was Uneven
  • There Were Small Nodules Surrounding The Mass have Been Seen
  • Lung Carcinoma With Mediastinal Lymph Nodes Had Metastasis
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Non-Small Cell Carcinoma
  • Obstructive Pneumonitis  With Mild Cough

ECIWO Biology Medicine

ECIWO Biology

E-System Of Acupuncture

Dr. Ac. T.T. Ang

A person may suffer from heart diseases, liver diseases, or diseases of other organs. How do you prevent, improve or counter these health problems without using modern medication? In this aspect, I would like to share with you about my 30 years of clinical experience in treating with Herbs And Food Cure Therapy System base on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts further supported with the latest ECIWO concept.

When the body suffers malfunction or an injury, ECIWO healing system including herb and food cure remedy and acupuncture can assist body repair. The following chart shows a body healing system, based on this concept:


Body Healing System by ECIWO Concept

If the heart suffers an malfunction or an injury, the ECIWO Biology Medicine or ECIWO Acupuncture can be applied to stimulate the heart organs. The heart then communicates with the small intestine, prolonging the vital energy force within the blood vessel, tissue of the eyes and the brain. This, in turn, influence the facial complexion with a reddish colour.

1.The Heart communicates to the Small Intestine and prolonging the vital energy force within the blood vesse, tissue of the eyes and the brain. They will influence the facial complexion with a reddish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be read through the tongue. ECIWO Biology medicine & acupuncture stressed that selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the heart and small intestine providing continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the liver suffers malfunction and an injury, the ECIWO Biology Medicine & ECIWO acupuncture can be applied to stimulate the liver organs. The liver then communicates with the gall bladder, prolonging the life force of the eyes, the inner portions of the vertex, tendon and nail. This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a greenish colour.

2.The Liver communicates to the Gall. Life force will prolong to the tendon and nail and they will influence the eyes and facial complexion with a greenish color.Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be read through the eyes. ECIWO Biology Medicine & Acupuncture stressed that the selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the liver and gall bladder providing continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the spleen suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system or ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the spleen organs. The spleen then communicates with the stomach, prolonging the growth force of the muscle tissues. This, in turn, influences the eyelids, mouth and facial complexion with a yellowish colour.

3. The spleen communicates to the Stomach and prolonging the growing force to the muscle and soft tissues. They will influence the eyelids, mouth and facial complexion with a yellowish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be observed through the mouth and lips. ECIWO Biology Medicine and acupuncture stressed that the selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the spleen and stomach provides continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the lung suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system or ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the lung points. The liver would communicates with the large intestine, prolonging the energy force on the skin and body surface, This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a whitish colour. Examination of the nose would indicate this organ force.

4. The Lung communicates to the Large Intestine and prolonging the energy force on the skin, hair and body surface. They will influence the facial complexion with a whitish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be obtained from the nose.

If the kidney suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the kidney. The Kidney then communicates with the urinary bladder, prolonging the vital force in t the hair and nerve system. This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a blackish colour. Examination of the ears would indicate this organ force.

5. The Kidney communicates to the Urinary Bladder and prolonging vital force in the growing of bones, hair and nerve system. They will influence the facial complexion with a blackish color. Reading the understanding the organ force and function can be obtained from the ear.

Chart B shows the infection impairment of the body

By using positive stimulation massage, the injured part of the body can be repaired by self-adjustments of body’s immune system.

When there are functional disorders in the body, using ECIWO therapy, herbs or acupuncture massage will stimulate a response by the endocrine system. If Embryo System of herb therapy is used, remittance of the immune system will occur. The body, in turn, responds by carrying out self-adjustments.

When there is endocrine or organ disturbances, using ECIWO acupuncture and ECIWO or herb therapy will stimulate the balance of the body.

When there are tumors or cancers, Acupuncture-Micro surgery will be used to bring balance to the homeostatic system of the body. Otherwise, these diseases could result in the collapse of the Yin and Yang, which could be fatal.


T.T. Ang Chinese Nature Cure System
The Embryo System of Chinese Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture

Chart C shows the disharmony of the interior and exterior

By using positive stimulation, the upper portion of the trunk can carry out self-adjustments. This, in turn, leads to the elimination of symptoms like headache, sore throat, cough, asthma, pneumonia, dyspnea, cardiac pain, anxiety, mental disorder, and, metallic disorder, through the use of ECIWO, herb therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture.

When it is used on the middle portion of the trunk, positive stimulation can lead to self-adjustments of that portion. Subsequently, ECIWO, hers therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture will be able to counter symptoms like migraine, tinnitus, otitis media, deafness, blindness, angina pectoris, costal neuralgia, cholecystitis, hepatitis, and diabetes mellitus.

The lower portion of the trunk can also self-adjust after receiving positive stimulation. ECIWO, herb therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture will then be used to prevent and eliminate symptoms like sore throat, deafness, poor vision, loss of hair, arthritis, spondylitis, neuritis lumbago, weakness of lower limb, nephritis, cystitis, impotence, menopathy, anusitis, hemorrhoid, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic disorder.

Open Chart

By using ECIWO herb pan-embryo system and acupuncture, and qigong healing, the immune system disorders, functional failures, and tumours or cancers can be helped by the self-adjustments of the immune system and homeostatic system. Otherwise, the disharmony of the interior and exterior will, eventually, lead to death.


From my many years of experience and my understanding of the latest Chinese Nature-cure System, I strongly recommend the above-mentioned methods and concepts. I am very hopeful of the future of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Their alternative system of treatment is natural and highly effective. Moreover, the treatment with these methods is much more economical. In short, ECIWO Embryo System of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture will greatly benefit human kind.

ECIWO Acupuncture Case Study – Compilation 02

case studies

Dr. Rackow
86482 Aystetten, Gartenstrasse 14A, Germany

I had been to Düsseldorf in 1997 and Koln in 1998. In 1999, I attended the T T Ang ECIWO-System Seminar in Singapore on two occasions. In May 1999, I had successfully gone through a course on ECIWO Clinical Observation Training at Chinese Nature-Cure Institute.

I have mastered the practical technique of ECIWO-System in the treatment and with this ECIWO-System, my treatment brought out pleasant results.

I have treated various types of heart and lung vascular diseases, eye diseases and cervical or lumbar vertebra symptom through the ECIWO-System for many years. Below are some of the similar diseases of which I had treated before.


Mrs. Obweger M. Austria Date: 25.5.35

Diagnose From The Local Hospital And Local Doctors:

Migraine, Thrombosis & Pancreas Disabilities

Mrs Obweger suffers from migraine with vomiting, thrombosis and pancreas disabilities since 35 years ago.

There was no sufficient treatment available from all local doctors and hospitals. The patient was in a desolate life.

Treatment And Course:

The first treatment with bioresonance-therapy allergy of milk and wheat. After the treatment, the patient’s condition was improved, but not sufficient. At the same time, Mrs Obweger was required to change her eating habit, which would improve her health condition.

One day, she came to me by train. Upon arrival, she felt extreme headache. I gave her one ECIWO Acupuncture treatment with additional Lidocain on the tibia and head point. Within seconds, her headache was gone.

Mrs Obweger was very surprised and happy. After completing 7 days of treatments with ECIWO-Point on head and pancreas areas, she felt good with no relapse thereafter.

Miss C. Reisner Augsburg Date: 7.9.69

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

PMS & Depression

Treatment and Course:

After several times with ECIWO Acupuncture treatments at the lower abdomen point, combined with periost-acupuncture for 15 seconds on spina illiaca anterior superior and to the symphysis, the PMS was gone and the depression was improved tremendously.

A few months later, she found a new employment on Mallorca Island. She wrote me a thank you letter and told me that I was her angel in the last two years.

Mr. Alois Obweger Austria Date: 30.3.38

Diagnose From The Local Private Doctor And Local Hospital In Austria:

Cardiac Infraction

Treatment And Course:

Mr. Obweger was hospitalised twice for several weeks. Each time for 10 days in intensive care. The Professor in-charge suggested he should undergo bypass operation, but the patient refused.

During the hospitalisation, the patient received treatment only with Heparin and Sedativum. The patient refused to take the tasteless food from the hospital and he requested to have his natural food prepared privately.

After a few weeks, Mr. Obweger came to my clinic in a very bad health condition. He could not walk without extreme pain in his chest and he had difficulty in breathing. I had to supply him with oxygen immediately. Mr. Obweger was advised to come for 7 days of ECIWO Acupuncture treatments (heart and stomach point), twice a day on the 2.MCB and the tibia with chickenleg needling.

Also, he needed to have 4 times bloodletting treatments for thromboses (microbiology). Besides, Mr Obweger was required to come for an oxygen-more-purpose-therapy for 2 hours a day from Prof. Dr. V.Ardenne.

After the treatment, Mr Obweger went back to Austria with an advice to take various types of herbal medicine. Two months after the first treatment, the patient came back to me to continue with another 9 days of ECIWO Acupuncture treatments.

10 days after the first treatment, the patient is able to join an easy mountain climbing trip without having any problems.

5 months later, the patient was cured and started to take the long-run-training.

Mrs. Landthaler Illertissen Date: 23.2.28

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Persistent Cough

Permanent coughing and itching in the sternum region, probably caused by an irritation of the trachea.

Treatment And Course:

After two ECIWO Acupuncture treatments at lung point with needle retention for 15 seconds and one needle to the sternum periost, Mrs. Landthaler found that her coughing was immediately gone. She became a recipe for a heart remedy later.

Mrs. Schmid Austria Date: 12.3.40

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Haemoglobinurie Paroxysmale & Thrombosis

Haemoglobinurie Paroxysmale – very high and thrombosis.

Treatment And Course:

Mrs Schmid suffered from “thrombosis-risk”and she came to the clinic for acupuncture treatment. The treatment was divided into 2 steps.

First step, thrombosis with microbiology injections. Second step, “ECIWO kidney and bladder point”- eight treatments within four days. After the treatments, the paroxysmale haemoglobinurie was gone.

Also, what was most surprising was her infected tooth with pus (treatment resistance since months) was cured with this treatment. We were very surprised. Mrs Schmid came for thrombosis treatments for another 4 – 6 weeks and during this period, she had her urine examined regularly.


Mr. Frei M. Germany Date: 19.1.30

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Macula Degeneration & Diabetes

Mr. Frei could not read and recognise me. The patient took Insulin for his diabetes and there is no treatment for macula degeneration. Anyway, there is no sufficient treatment for macula degeneration by Western doctors.

Treatment And Course:

Mr. Frei got a new natural medication for his diabetes. A few weeks after he has taken the new medication, his diabetes stopped. There was no need for him to take Insulin anymore. Mr Frei was also given 3 ECIWO Acupuncture treatments in order to improve his bloodstream and a prevention against thrombosis. Besides, Mr Frei was required to change his eating habit by taking more natural and fresh food.

ECIWO – Treatment on 2 + 3 MCB – leg – footsole – 6 days – twice a day.

After the treatment, the foggy sight was gone and Mr Frei could read big letters and could recognise me. He was really happy with the treatment results and he has introduced many patients to me. Mr Frei needed to repeat the treatment for a few weeks.

Mrs. Schaller K. Höchstätten Date: 2.3.25

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Diabetes & Macula Degeneration

A reading test showed that Mrs. Schaller could not read at all.

Treatment And Course:

First, I advised Mrs Schaller to change her eating habit as she was much overweight.
Second, she became a recipe for new remedies to support the diabetes.

The patient’s diabetes improved so much that she was able to walk longer distance.

The Insulin test showed a reduction of 2/3 and the pain in her legs subsided. 6 treatments with ECIWO-Acupuncture on 2 MCB leg, foot and head points. After the treatment, the reading test showed a clear improvement.

Mrs. Schaller’s situation had stabilised and she was required to come for another 6 treatments to improve her vision capabilities.

Mrs. H. Kohnen Wörselen Date: 26.2.20

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Macula Degeneration – Virtually Blind

All doctors and hospitals had no treatment for this disease. Mrs. Kohnen is a mother of two doctors.

Treatment And Course:

This case is my biggest success with ECIWO-Acupuncture!

My Diagnosis:
Blood status strong thrombosis, pancreas insufficiency, liver intoxication, vertebral torsinones, luxatio congenita coxae 2 cm left leg and scolioses.

ECIWO-Acupuncture was given on 2 MCB liver and eye points – simultaneous leg and foot points.

After 4 days, Mrs. Kohnen could see me and 7 days later, she could read newspaper with her glasses on. A few months later, Mrs Kohnen came for a second treatment. The luxatio and the column were treated and they were completely cured. She had a prescription for liver and pancreas insufficient.

After the treatment, Mrs. Kohnen was able to travel home by railway on her own. The patient and I were so happy with the treatment results.


Mrs. Däubler R. Germany Date: 22.1.57

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Intervertebral Disc Prolapsed

Intervertebral disc prolapsed, LWS 7-5, serious problems during walking and during the night. At the same time, BWS 5-7 torsion and blockade of the vertebras with pain in these areas. These problems caused the patient extremely unpleasant.

Treatment And Course:

Mrs. Däubler received a primary treatment from a normal orthopaedic doctor with little success. After a few weeks, she came to my clinic for acupuncture treatment. Mrs. Däubler had 3 treatments of ECIWO Acupuncture (hip and chest area only at the fibula) and Lidocain in the treatment.

Within seconds after the treatment, she felt no pain at all. The vertebral torsion was treated manually. After the treatment, the spinal column was straight and back to normal position. Mrs. Däubler was happy with the treatment results and she introduced many of her friends to me.

Mrs. Pfitscher B. Italy Date: 3.3.59

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Neck and Chest Column Pain

Mrs. Pfitscher was in a state of unconsciousness while bending forward. She felt pain in her neck and chest column. She received treatment from a clinic in Italy and Austria but was ineffective. She suspected that she was going to lose her job as a teacher.

Treatment And Course:

Two treatments for 3 weeks, with 5 days as an interval in between the treatment – twice a day (ECIWO neck, chest and liver points on the 2 MCB and tibia with chickenleg needling). Some medication were applied to improve her immune system and detoxification.

After the two treatments, Mrs. Pfitscher went back to Italy without any symptoms and she could start working again.

Mr. Dikta A. Germany Date: 28.7.54

Diagnose From the Local Doctors And Hospital:

Hip Joint Pain

Mr. Dikta has extreme pain in his hip area for about 25 years! He received treatments from local doctors but the results were ineffective. He was about to lose his job.

Treatment And Course:

Two treatments with ECIWO Acupuncture on 2 MCB and tibia. One treatment at the tibia with Lidocain. In addition, Mr. Dikta also applied two different types of oil for muscle relaxation. He feels good now and he can keep his job.

Ms. Rubner Angelika Augsburg Date: 27.2.71

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Neck Rigidity

Ms. Angelika had stiff neck with extreme pain in her neck and shoulder region. The doctors told her that she had no migraine and the position of the vertebral are in upright position. She did not receive any treatments from the hospitals.

Ms. Angelika had taken X-ray for her neck and shoulder region and the doctor sent her to a special neck massage and gymnastic. During the first treatment, Ms. Rubner Angelika complained that the pain became worse and the treatment had to be stopped immediately. After the incident, she came to me for acupuncture treatment.

Treatment And Course:

The patient had ECIWO Acupuncture (neck point on 2 MCB and tibia), an infrared and irradiation for the neck region. After a few seconds, the pain vibration on the neck, shoulder and vertebral were gone. The next day, Ms. Angelika repeated the same treatment. Finally, she was cured. She was satisfied with the treatment result and no treatments were required after that.

Miss B. Deschler Scherstetten Date: 18.3.74

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Back, Shoulder, Knee & Sciatica Pain

Miss Deschler received treatments from the local orthopaedic doctors with no effective results.

Treatment And Course:

The problem was caused by a luxatio congenita coxae with columntorsions and scoliosis. The column and hip problems were cured manually. ECIWO Acupuncture was given on the waist and leg points.

Miss Deschler was very weak. She needed to have 100% oxygen supply during the acupuncture treatment and a prescription of biological medicine. The treatment was successful and Miss Deschler was cured. She celebrated her wedding ceremony a few weeks later without feeling pain at all.

Mr. A. Körner Ingolstadt

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Lower Spinal and Thumb Pain

Hypermobility with pain in lower spinal column and thumb.
There was no effective treatment from the local doctors and hospitals.

Treatment And Course:

The ECIWO Acupuncture treatments were given to the waist point on 2 MCB and also to the thumb, combined with one point needled by Prof. Dr. Mann, London (Discover of Periost-Acupuncture) on the elbow (Periost-Acupuncture-Point for arm and heart region). After the treatment, the pain in her thumb was gone.

Mrs. Körner introduced her mother to me who had back pain and eyes disabilities. After one treatment, she had to travel back to Aachen, which is 700km far away. However, she still keeps in touch with me to let me her health condition. Mrs. Körner and her daughter will come back to me for a consultation and treatment in the next coming holidays.

Acupuncture and the Addictions

smoking addiction

Acupuncture has been used in mainland China and the Far East for many years in the treatment of addictions, primarily, hard drugs.

Acupuncture and Smoking

What are the common withdrawal symptoms associated to stop-smoking (without the help of acupuncture)?

Withdrawal Symptoms>Duration Proportion>Affected 
Increase appetite >10 wks 70%
Craving > 2 wks 70%
Depression < 4 wks60%
Restlessness < 4 wks60%
Poor concentration < 2 wks 60%
Irritability/Aggression < 4wks 50%
Night time awakenings < 1 wk 25%
*Source: http//

What causes weight gain and craving after quitting?

The possibility of weight gain is often of particular concern to those who want to give up smoking. When nicotine, a chemical in cigarette smoke, leaves your body, you may experience:

” Short-term weight gain. The nicotine kept your body weight low, and when you quit smoking, your body returns to the weight it would have been had you never smoked.

” You might gain 3 to 5 pounds due to water retention during the first week after quitting.

” A need for fewer calories. After you stop smoking, you may use fewer calories than when you were smoking.

How can acupuncture help stop-smoking?

Probably the most common addiction the acupuncturist is called upon to treat is smoking. The basic principle as with all anti-addiction treatment is that the person should be willing to receive the help to give up – you cannot force someone to give up, nor should you, against their will.

The fundamental treatment is to stimulate acu-points which are capable of transmitting messages down nerve pathways to the brain, and instituting change in the chemistry of appetite.

If you take in a substance for long enough which is addictive, the encephalins or “brain chemical messengers” make room for it and allow it to become necessary to the chemical balance.

If you then remove the substance e.g., nicotine, and do not balance the chemistry, the brain is thrown into shock which causes what we all know as withdrawal symptoms (refer to table).

The acupuncture technique basically rebalances the chemistry, thus avoiding withdrawal symptoms. In effect, acupuncture balances and restores conditions to that which applied when you were a non-smoker.

In addition, it is also not uncommon for patients to leave the office feeling calm and relaxed. Patients usually won’t crave food, as when necessary, we will also treat the mouth and pancreas point.

Within a few hours your body begins to heal itself. The carbon monoxide and nicotine in your system rapidly disappears. Your heart and lungs begin to repair the damage caused by smoking. Your sense of taste and smell will return.

Your smoker’s hack will disappear and your digestion will return to normal. You will climb a flight of stairs without being winded. Best of all, you will feel alive, clear headed, full of energy, and breathing easier.

Very frequently, after acupuncture, many smokers also experience an unpleasant taste in the mouth, which gets aggravated with cigarettes. They will have no more desire to smoke.

Main Points Selected
ECIWO Lung – Lu 7 – H 7

Acute Conjunctivitis


It is an acute communicable eye disease infected by bacteria or virus, usually occurred in the spring and autumn.

Symptoms and Signs:

The primary symptom of this disease is redness of conjunctivae with increasing of secretion.

In mild cases, only congestion appears in retrotarsal fornix and the palpebra conjunctiva, while in those of acute cases, generalized congestion of eyeball associated, and mucoid or mucopurulent discharge may be presented.

Swelling of lids, itching sensation, foreign body sensation, photophobia, heating sensation, headache etc may be associated.


Points: Taiyang, Jingming, Fengchi, Hegu, Ear Lobule (for taking blood)

Procedure: Puncture Taiyang with three edged needle, if there is blood stasis around the Taiyang.

If there is no blood stasis around Taiyang, penetrate Taiyang, Jingming and Fengchi till bleeding. Take few drops of blood from ear lobule, then drop it into the diseased eyes, and puncture Jingming, Fengchi and Hegu afterward.

Let patient lie on his back and close the eyes, penetrate Jingming 0.5 ~ 1cm in depth, which is a point easily bleeding, therefore, insertion of needle must be gentle. Fast twirling and lifting needle is contraindicated, but scraping the needle is appreciated. Ask patient to be in sitting position after the needle has been inserted.

In penetrating Fengchi, the needle should be toward left for the right eye, and toward right for the left eye. The depth of needle insertion is 0.5 ~ 1 inch and twirling the needle during puncturing.

Hegu is penetrated with needle toward Laogong. Twirling and scraping technique are used.

Retaining the needles in above remedy are 30 ~ 60 minutes. Manipulate the needle once every 15 ~ 20 minutes. Acupuncture given once every 2 ~ 3 days for seven cases, and once a day for usual cases.

Case example:

Oct 3, 1963, O.P.D. patient Wang, female 29 years of age, a peasant.

Lacrimation and itching of both eyes for 3 days.

Examination revealed swelling of lids, redness of conjunctivae. Purulent discharge occurred. Patient had her head with her arms for intolerable pain. The diagnosis was acute conjunctivitis. In treatment, puncture blood stasis area in Taiyang point till bleeding. Take few drops of blood from ear lobule and drop into the eye.

Puncture Jingming, Fengchi and Hegu with retaining the needle for 1 hour. Manipulated the needle once every 20 minutes.

Thirty minutes of penetration led the improvement of headache and painful sensation of eyes.

Patient could open here eyes after puncture. Acupunctures were given twice with interval of 6 hours.

On the next day, headache and swelling of lids lost redness of conjunctiva reduced. Remedy was given once again.

Oct 6, that was the third visit, treatments were given 3 times. All symptoms lost except lacrimation. Fengchi, Taiyang and Jingming were punctured and were manipulated as above.

Retaining the needle for 30 minutes. Needle was manipulated once every 10 minutes. Remedy was given every other day since then.

Two further treatments were given for strengthening the effect.


In Chinese traditional medicine, acute conjunctivitis was called “Tian Xing Chi Yan” or “Bao Fa Huo Yan”. It’s local name is “Hong Yan”.

This disease has been recognized in Chinese traditional medical book. A “Precious Book of Ophthalmology” as following: “The communicable diseases become fashionable in hot weather, thus triple warms are excited … those phlegm fire heat diseases are infected to every body.

The pathogenesis described in “Essentials of Ophthalmology” was “The acute contagious epidemic conjunctivitis is due to transmission of toxic air to the human body.

Treatments described in “A Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion” were: “Redness and painful sensation are in relation to Tianzhu, while the impairment of vision and itching of eyes are in relation to Jingming.”

“Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion” considered: “ In treating swelling, congestion and itching pain of eyes, Zanzhu, Hegu, Yingxiang, may be used.”

The principles of treating acute conjunctivitis are to clear away the heat evil and wind; relieve swelling and pain; calm the liver; expel the heat evil; clean the blood and expel the toxic substances.

Puncture of Taiyang, Sizhukong and Tongziliao till bleeding can clean the blood and expel toxic substances, relieve pain and swelling.

Fengchi locates on the across of channels of Hand-Shaoyang, gallbladder channel of Foot-Shaoyang and Yangwei Mai. Channels of liver and gall bladder are related to each other superficially and internally, therefore, penetration of Fengchi may both calm the liver expel the heat evil and clean away the wind.

Hegu is a point belonging to large intestine channel and promote sweating to expel the exogenous evils from the body surface.

Jingming is the point specialized in treating eye diseases. Penetration of Jingming can clear the wind, expel heat evil and improve the visual acuity.

Blood taken from ear lobule dropping into eye, may control inflammation and eliminate the nebula with good effect.

About Herb Gou Qi Zi


Gou Qî Zi

Gou Qi Zi (Wolfberry fruit; Lycium fruit) , the dried fruit is ovate, spindle-shaped. The skin is bright or dark red. Large, red fruits with few seeds and sweet flesh are best. The botanical name is Lycium chinense Mill.; Lycium barbarum L; and the pharma name is known as Fructus Lycii. The taste is sweet with neutral properties. It enters the liver and kidney channels.


1. To replenish the liver and kidney Yin (vital essence) 2. To nourish the blood 3. To improve eyesight


1. Impotence, nocturnal emission, aching back and legs 2.Vertigo, decreased eye-sight 3. Diabetes mellitus. Contra-indication: For a person with true heat; diarrhea; and spleen dampness.

Chemical Component:

Carotene, vitamin B1, B2, and C, nicotinic acid, ß-sitosterol, linoleic acid, Ca, P, Fe. Recommended Dosage: 6 – 15gm.

Pharm. Action:

  1. Lower the concentration of blood sugar in diabetes.
  2. Inhibit the deposition of fat in liver cells and promote the regeneration of liver cells.
  3. Lower blood cholesterol and prevent the formation of atherosclerosis.
  4. Can enhance the nonspecific immunity, phagocytosis of the macrophage, and the production of T-lymphocytes.

(reference : The handbook of chinese herbs)

Actions and Indications

Nourishing yin and moistening the lung, tonifying the liver and kidney, nourishing the blood and improving acuity of sight. It is used for : (1) Hectic fever due to yin deficiency; (2) Dizziness, blurred vision, decline of sight, soreness and lassitude of the loins and knees, spermatorrhoea and diabetes, etc.



Ingredients : Wolfberry fruit.

Actions and indications : Tonifying the kidney, promoting the production of body fluid, nourishing the liver and improving sight. It is used for deficiency of the liver and kidney, soreness and lassitude of the loins and knees, dizziness and blurred vision.

Direction and dosage : Take 9-15 grams orally, twice a day.


Ingredients : Wolfberry fruit, Chinese angelica root, fleece-flower root, capejasmine, cynomorium, safflower, psoralea fruit, poria ophiopogon root and achyranthes root, etc.

Actions and indications : Tonifying the liver and kidney, nourishing blood and improving eye sight. It is used for deficiency of both the liver and kidney, dizziness, blurred vision, and soreness and pain of the loins and knees.

Direction and dosage : Take 10-15ml orally, twice a day. Caution : It is contraindicated for patients with hypertension.


Ingredients : Wolfberry fruit, chrysanthemum flower, prepared rehmannia root, poria, Chinese yam, alisma, schisandra fruit and glossy privet fruit, etc.

Actions and indications : Nourishing yin and improving eye sight. It is used for yin deficiency of the liver and kidney, dark vision, dizziness and tinnitus.

Direction and dosage : Take 9 grams orally, twice a day.


Ingredients : Wolfberry fruit, chrysanthemum flower, prepared rehmannia root, dogwood fruit, moutan bark, Chinese yam, poria and alisma.

Actions and indications : Nourishing the kidney and tonifying the liver. It is used for yin deficiency of the liver and kidney, dizziness, tinnitus and blurred vision.

Direction and dosage : Take 6-9 grams orally, twice a day.

Chemical Compositions

The fruit contains betaine, zeaxanthine, physalien, carotene, ß-sitosterol, thiamine, riboflavine, niacin, ascorbic acid, linoleic acid, vitamins B1,B2, C, various amino acids, and elements such as Ca, P and Fe, etc.

Main Pharmacological Actions

  1. Lower blood sugar
  2. Lower the level of serum cholesterol and increase phospholipid
  3. Improve cell’s immune function
  4. Act as choline
  5. Increase the level of testosterone and strengthen the body
  6. Protect the liver

(reference : The Collection of Ageing Delaying Traditional Chinese Medicines with Color Illustration)

Other Indications:

Liver-kidney yin depletion; weak, weakening and aching of knees and lumbago; dizziness; copious tears; vacuity taxation cough; wasting thirst; seminal emission.

Daily dosage: 5 – 10g.
(reference : The Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica, page 142)

Used for multiple myeloma, carcinoma of pancreas and liver cancer.
(reference : Kang Ai Zhi Wu Yao Ji Qi Yang Fang, page 507)

About Herb Huang Qi

Chinese herb

Huáng Qí

Common Name: Astragalus root
Botanical Name: Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bge. Astragalus mongholicus Bge.
Pharm. Name: Radix Astragali
Used Part: Root
Taste and Property: Sweet, slightly warm
Embryonic Property: Spleen and lung


  1. To replenish the Qi (vital energy) and stop perspiration
  2. To consolidate the defensive energy
  3. To dispel pus and accelerate the healing of wounds
  4. To regulate the water metabolism and reduce edema


  1. Spontaneous and night sweat, prolapse of the anus and uterus
  2. Abscess and chronic ulcers
  3. Chronic nephritis with edema and proteinuria

Contra-indication :

For a person with excess (Shi) symptoms and deficiency of Yin (vital energy) symptoms

Chemical Component:

Sugars, choline, folic acid, amino acids, ß-sitosterol, betaine, astragalan, astragalin. Recommended Dosage: 9-15 grams

Pharm. Action:

  1. Excitatory action on the central nervous system.
  2. Increase the phagocytosis of reticuloendothelial system
  3. Cardiotonic – increase the contraction of the heart. This effect is significantly seen in patients with cardiac failure caused by poisoning or fatigue.
  4. Lower blood pressure – by dilating the blood vessels and increase the circulationof blood to the skin.
  5. Diuretic – increase the secretion of sodium.
  6. Decrease protein in urine – decrease the concentration of protein in urine in chronic nephritic patients, and inhibit the episode of serum nephritis.
  7. Prevent the loss of concentration of glycogen in liver.
  8. Anti-bacterial – inhibit the growth of staphylococci, hemolytic streptococci, pheumococci, corynebacterium diphtheriae, and Bacillus dysenteriae.
  9. Prolong estrus in mice.
  10. Decrease blood sugar in rabbits.
  11. Inhibit the secretion of gastric juice and increase PH value.
  12. Anti-cancer – increases the content of cAMP and inhibits the growth of tumor cells. It increases the sensitivity to interferon, which is similar to adenylate cyclase in action. It increases the production of macrophages, plasma cells and antibodies. It is effective against the immunosuppressants. It is effective for both cellular and humoral immunity.

(reference : The handbook of Chinese Herbs)

Actions and Indications

Invigorating qi, elevating the spleen-yang, consolidating superficial resistance to stop sweating, promoting pus discharge and tissue generation and promoting diuresis to alleviate edema, etc.

It is used for: 1) Debility due to qi deficiency, fatigue, prolapsed of the viscera and prolapsed of rectum due to chronic diarrhea; (2) Edema of limbs, dysuria, palpitation and shortness of breath, etc.

Direction and Dosage: Be decocted first, take 9-30 grams daily.

Caution: It is contraindicated for those with excess syndromes and with hyperactivity of yang due to yin deficiency.


Chemical Compositions

The root contains cane sugar, glucuronic acid, mucilage, several amino acids, bitters, choline, betaine, folic acid, 2′, 4′-dihydroxy-5, 6-dimethoxyisoflavane, kumatakenin, ß-sitosterol and many trace elements as Se, Si, Zn, Co, Cu, Mo, etc.

Main Pharmacological Actions

1) Strengthen the body; 2) Anti-aging and prolong life. The root can prolong the growing life of body’s kidney cells and lung cells; 3) Regulate immune balance and improve cells immune function; 4)Inhibit platelet aggregation; (5) Induce diuresis.

(reference : The Collection of Ageing Delaying Traditional Chinese Medicines with Color Illustration)

Other Indications:

Spontaneous external bleeding; night sweating; blood bi; water swelling; persistent yong and ju Daily dosage: 5 – 10g. Contraindicated in repletion patterns and yang exuberance due to yin .
Source: The Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica, page 30

Used for carcinoma stomach, tumor of bladder, carcinoma of cervix, tumor of bone, malignae lymphoma and cerebroma.

Source: An Illustrated Guide to Antineoplastic Chinese Herbal Medicine, page 645

Ancient stories – Herbs for good health and longevity


Lately, there were several international reports from various countries pertaining to people who stay near the mountains or countryside away from cities and towns and these people have lived longer and stayed healthier in their old age of over 100 years old.

The peculiar part of these elderly people is that they can still maintain perfect vision, a healthy frame of mind and robust energy flow with strong body functions even at such an age.

Scientists in China did research studies on people staying in a village at Shanxi Province and discovered that these villagers have a life span up to 120 years old or more with grandchildren as old as 80-90 years old.

This is because they have been drinking from a mountain spring growing with Chinese herbal plants like the Spica Prunellae, Polygani Plant, Bupleur and other precious herbal plants. Hence the scientists concluded their findings by explaining that the longevity of the village people was due to the drinking water they consumed daily.

In recent years various reports from China, Japan and European countries described certain plants, tea and herbs proven to be able to use as anti-cancer medicine for treating certain types of cancer. Therefore this prompted us to do some research and we had read through some ancient and old books related to Chinese food and diet, herb cure remedies and from these ancient records we provide a little as following:

Case 1 – Tian Mendung (Asparagus Root)

In ancient record, it is believed that after long duration of consuming this root, it will increase body energy and activate body function, reduce one’s appetite without feeling hunger, create alertness with quick movements and upon old age still allows the hair and teeth to grow and be strong.

Therefore this herb is considered the King or Chief of all herbs. It is described as a “Fairy Herb” to maintain longevity and good health.

Case 2 – Juhua (Chrysanthemum Flower)

There was a case in the old record that a village in China had a population of villagers whose life spans were in 3 categories – maximum age group 100 – 130, medium 100 and minimum up to 70 years old.

Research proved that it was due to the drinking water as the village’s irrigation system went through the chrysanthemum plantation. The news reached to the District Government officers and they demanded the village head to send down water for their own consumption.

They then discovered that after drinking for some time those who are suffering from dizziness (similar to dizziness due to hypertension syndrome in modern terms) were being cured from the spell. The District Governor then ordered this water in a pond be stored and named it the Chrysanthemum Flower Pond.

Case 3 – Zhu Sha (Cinnabaris)

The ancient book known as “Pao-Pu-Tze Nai Pien” (Inner Chapter Of The Holding To Simplicity Master A.D. 320) dated about 2,300 years ago, author Ker Hong has records on “xi xi shou kao” meaning longevity for generations.

Recorded that there was a household with family members living up to 80, 90 and 100 years old. Eventually this household shifted out to another place and realised that the life span of their family members no longer lived up to that ripe old age.

A new family then moved into the same house and their family members were able to live up to 100 years old also for generations. It was then discovered that this was due to a well that provided drinking water for the house at the backyard, which contained burgundy coloured water with property for longevity.

Researchers dug around the well and surrounding areas and discovered that somebody had buried Zhu Sha there in the ground and the household members by drinking the well water were able to live their life longer and kept in good health.

Case 4 – Jue Mingzi ( Semencassiae)

A Taoist from Xianxi, China’s Dragon Mountain whose age was more than a 100 years old but looked young with features like a child – sharp hearing and perfect eyesight able to read and see objects a few kilometres away and read small letters at a very near distance.

People around him felt strange and consulted him for advice and special remedy or formula. The Taoist gave them some Semencassiae grounded into powder to consume one teaspoon daily for 365 days. He explained that this could help to influence good energy to the body abstracted from the earth and heaven as well as the four seasons.

Therefore those who consume this herb from the mountain would enjoy longevity, good eyesight and even those with eye diseases could be cured.