Modern Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

This is the second part of what Dr Mikhail Teppone emailed me. I’m helping him put up on my website to help him get more views on his paper. Original Article ABSTRACT The terms and theories applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are interpreted in this article. Ql can be imagined as a universal measuring and […]

About Herb Ren Shen (Ginseng)

Rén Shen (Ginseng) Ginseng (Ren Shen) is a popular herbal tonic that combat fatigue and boosts our immune-system function. The botanical name is known as Panax ginseng C. A. Mey. and the Pharm. name is Radix Ginseng. The plant’s medicinal portion is the root, tasted sweet and slightly bitter. It is warm in property and […]

Lung Carcinoma

Patient : A Medical Professional Male/Age59/Weight72kg/ Frequently Exercise/Vital And Healthy Non Smoking/No Syndrome of Discomfort/ No Medications Discovery of the Growth Of The Mass/ Lung Carcinoma About 3.7×3.6cm Located At The Lower Lobe Of The Right Lung During His Journey In Yantai ,China ( May 2002) 3.7X3.6 c m Tumor Mass Was Found At middle […]

ECIWO Biology Medicine

E-System Of Acupuncture Dr. Ac. T.T. Ang A person may suffer from heart diseases, liver diseases, or diseases of other organs. How do you prevent, improve or counter these health problems without using modern medication? In this aspect, I would like to share with you about my 30 years of clinical experience in treating with […]

ECIWO Acupuncture Case Study – Compilation 02

Dr. Rackow86482 Aystetten, Gartenstrasse 14A, Germany I had been to Düsseldorf in 1997 and Koln in 1998. In 1999, I attended the T T Ang ECIWO-System Seminar in Singapore on two occasions. In May 1999, I had successfully gone through a course on ECIWO Clinical Observation Training at Chinese Nature-Cure Institute. I have mastered the […]

Acupuncture and the Addictions

Acupuncture has been used in mainland China and the Far East for many years in the treatment of addictions, primarily, hard drugs. Acupuncture and Smoking What are the common withdrawal symptoms associated to stop-smoking (without the help of acupuncture)? *Source: http// What causes weight gain and craving after quitting? The possibility of weight gain is […]

Acute Conjunctivitis

It is an acute communicable eye disease infected by bacteria or virus, usually occurred in the spring and autumn. Symptoms and Signs: The primary symptom of this disease is redness of conjunctivae with increasing of secretion. In mild cases, only congestion appears in retrotarsal fornix and the palpebra conjunctiva, while in those of acute cases, […]

About Herb Huang Qi

Huáng Qí Common Name: Astragalus rootBotanical Name: Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bge. Astragalus mongholicus Bge.Pharm. Name: Radix AstragaliUsed Part: RootTaste and Property: Sweet, slightly warmEmbryonic Property: Spleen and lung Action: To replenish the Qi (vital energy) and stop perspiration To consolidate the defensive energy To dispel pus and accelerate the healing of wounds To regulate the water […]

Ancient stories – Herbs for good health and longevity

Lately, there were several international reports from various countries pertaining to people who stay near the mountains or countryside away from cities and towns and these people have lived longer and stayed healthier in their old age of over 100 years old. The peculiar part of these elderly people is that they can still maintain […]