Report on the Disappearance of Carcinoma/Cancerous Syndrome

Even though medicine has developed tremendously, cancer is still today a chronic and life threatening disease. Recently, patients are turning to traditional therapies such as acupuncture for cancer management as opposed to the aggressive approach of modern medicine.

There has been much research published indicating that acupuncture is beneficial for chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting, and cancer pain.Other data also suggests acupuncture might be effective for chemotherapy-induced leukopenia, postchemotherapy fatigue, radiation therapy-induced xerostomia, insomnia, and anxiety.

In this article we introduce six case studies on the disappearance of carcinoma/cancerous syndrome after acupuncture treatment and the use of herbal medicines. The goal of this paper is to show that acupuncture has direct anticancer effects and should be used in the first instance before turning to more aggressive therapies.

Case 1

Non-Small Cell Carcinoma 非小细胞肺癌

Mr. Zihongchon, Age: 58 Johore

File no.: 0206-12

On May 2002, the patient was diagnosed with Lung CA. The CT scan showed the mass was 3.6 x 3.7cm and 5 days was increased to 5.3cm x 4.00cm and had compressed the right middle lobe bronchus and the right pulmonary vessels, the mediastinal lymph nodes had metastases.


Patient : A Medical Professional

Male/Age59/Weight72kg/Frequently Exercise/Vital And Healthy

Non Smoking/No Syndrome of Discomfort/ No Medications

Discovery of the Growth Of The Mass/ Lung Carcinoma About 3.7×3.6cm Located At The Lower Lobe Of The Right Lung During His Journey In Yantai ,China ( May 2002)

The patient repeated the scan in Singapore, which showed that the mass had increased almost 40% compared with the first CT scan in a very short period of time. Furthermore, the patient went to another hospital in Tianjing, Beijing for a further opinion.

He received treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for 15 days. On the 12th June 2002 CT Scans showed that the growth of carcinoma had reduced again to 70%

DIAGNOSIS With Non-Small Cell Carcinoma 证断为非小细胞肺癌

  • 3.7X3.6 c m Tumor Mass Was Found At middle Lobe Of Right Lung
  • The Density Of Tumor Mass Was Smooth
  • The Marginal Of The Tumor Was Uneven
  • There Were Small Nodules Surrounding The Mass have Been Seen
  • Lung Carcinoma With Mediastinal Lymph Nodes Had Metastasis
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Non-Small Cell Carcinoma
  • Obstructive Pneumonitis With Mild Cough
5th day after discovery of tumor
The Fifth Day After The Discovery, The Tumor Was Increase To 5.3X4.0 CM About 40% ( 25th May 2002) SINGAPORE.  After 22 Days Of Acupuncture Treatments Showed 70% Reducing In It Side ( Treatment Between 25th May – 16th June 2002)

On 17 June-12 July 2002, he underwent 20 sittings of radiation therapy, after that, the CT scan showed that the mass had continued to reduce in size. The mass almost disappeared after 3 months.

A group of consultants from the oncology department of the 4th Hospital of Beijing advised the patient to continue chemotherapy, but his chief Chinese physician from another hospital gave him Chinese medicine instead.

The 5th CT Scan Showed The Tumor Had Continue to Shrink
The 5th CT Scan Showed The Tumor Had Continue to Shrink

Within 3 years, yearly CT scan showed the lungs were cleared.

The Chinese herbal medicine which the patient took was Qi Bei Fei An Wan Fang, Chansuzhueye, Yadanzi, Chinese Ganoderma Lucidum Essence etc.

Suggested acupoints were E-system Lung and Throat at metacarpal bone, Zusanli (St 36), Dazhui (Du14), Feishu (Ub 13) and Auricular Lung & Throat point. Direct moxibustion on Zusanli (St 36) was performed twice a week.

In addition, food remedy such as white butter, Jew’s ear, Kiwi and Asparagus also aided in recovery.

Case 2

Fibrosarcoma / Tumor 筋瘤硬结/肿瘤

Mr. Fu Age: 31 Singapore File no.: 0303-28

This patient is an interior designer. The patient presented with a Fibrosarcoma of 7cmx3cm in his left medial thigh, near acupoint Xuehai.

Due to the pain, he had difficulty in walking. In the past 12 years, he had undergone 3 operations to remove the recurring cyst.

In May 2003, he was distressed that the cyst recurred but he was reluctant to be hospitalized. In our treatment program we performed micro-cut therapy to remove the discharge.

The acupoints prescribed were local points, using a box system theory, supplemented with acupoints Yinlinquan (Sp9) and Sanyinjiao (Sp6).


Patient: An interior designer Age: 31

In the past 12 years Had undergone

3 operations to remove recurrence of cyst

Which was located left thigh inner media near

Acupoint xuehai about 7cm x 3cm with painful redness and hardness which caused him difficulty in walking

Ancient Techniques With e-System Acupuncture

Ancient Chinese

Enable a better understanding in ECIWO theory and application in the acupuncture treatments. Please refer to our website for the article “Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)” 有关穴位释放自体内化合物质及其作用的资料等,请参阅我们的网站 上的“Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)”

悬灸温针—类 红外线热疗

Commonly used to enhance acupuncture treatments, this combination is especially helpful in cold, damp and stagnation syndromes, blockage over long duration or years, wind, pain, circulation, stiffness of joints, difficulty in mobility, etc. It is suitable for both Hot and Cold symptoms, to tonify the body or reduce symptoms. Moxibustion is applied by suspending the lighted moxa stick above acupoint, with or without the needle, allowing the patient to receive the heat. The heat should be tolerable and gentle, in order for the patient to relax and allow the body to react according to the treatment. Usually about 3 to 5 minutes, or in emergency cases or cases which require heat reinforcement, may take up to 10 – 30 minutes. Extra care and attention to be paid to open wounds, broken skin surface, Diabetic cases or neuro-derma disorders, so as to avoid burns, damaging the skin and scarring.


Rolled Moxa wool or cut moxa stick can be used here, placed close to the skin surface and on the needle before lighting it, commonly applied to chronic diseases, such as Omarthritis, Sciatica, Herpes Zoster, persistent Asthma, etc. Treatments are usually given once daily or every alternate day.


Direct moxibustion is used here, one consumed cone is known as “Zhuang”. Usually 3 zhuang to 7 zhuang is used. Some acupoints or conditions may use up to 500 zhuangs. This method is to create a tiny blistering / festers on the skin, inducing a sterile superficial immunity effect to reduce pain, dredge collaterals, stimulate interferon, production of anti-inflammatory enzymes, and increase immunity.

Suitable for low immune conditions, such as asthma, allergies, herpes zoster, arthritis, joints inflammation, geriatric problems, weakness, tumors, etc. Treatments are usually given two or three times a week.


Known as焠刺法, this is an ancient acupuncture technique by inserting hot needle into the affected area, often used in surgical conditions and arthritic inflamed joints. In order to achieve cell regeneration, superficial or old cells structures were broken down, similar to destroying the mutated cells. Eg., Warts, Pigmentation, deep tissue symptoms, allergic dermatitis, eczema,. Therapeutic course of treatments require two to five sittings.

毫针刺法—-调和阴阳 补虚泻实

Hao Zhen ( 毫针 ) or Filiform Needle is the most commonly used needle in the modern acupuncture developments. This form of acupuncture needles have been practiced worldwide by western trained acupuncturist. The techniques of the needle which include, insertion of the needle, manipulated the Yin and the Yang, reinforcing for the deficiency syndrome and reducing manipulations for the excess syndrome.. A skillful practitioner will be able to induce and direct vital energy (Qi) to the acupuncture points, the meridians and the related organs or disorder areas as to enhance the effects of the technique. Filiform Needle Acupuncture are considered remedies with potential to conquer symptoms related to all kinds of diseases, This technique can be used for all kinds of ailments.


Cutting Method is an ancient acupuncture technique by applying small needle-blades into affected location, hand, foot, or deep tissue. Suitable for various conditions related to the bones, joints, and cell renewals in wound healing. For example, in cancer cases, the immune system can be stimulated by applying the cutting method on Carcinoma points of the Foot.

In modern day acupuncture, normal or special acupuncture needles can be used to deal the same effect. It is better known as Acupuncture Microsurgery, a highly refined skill and is almost similar to modern medical concept that may cost many times more.

In certain conditions, needles were applied in quick insert and remove actions on acupoints. Example, 钩针(Gou Zhen) or Hook Needle as used for cutting, 芒针(Mang Zhen) or Long Needle as used in deep tissue acupuncture, or 雀啄术 Sparrow Pecking Needling Method, 报刺术 Trigger Needling Method in the deep acupoint, 沿皮刺法 (Yan Pi Ci Fa), applying needles along the skin. 骨刺法 (Gu Ci Fa), applying needles into the deep acupoint on the side of the bones.

The common syndrome among the cases where these techniques were applied is a combination of stagnation of Qi and Blood, obstructing the meridians and collaterals, leading to poor blood circulation, pain and numbness, malnutrition and weakness, further strains to the affected area.

Variety of bones and joints disorders, such as disease along the spinal column, frozen shoulders, arthritic inflammation, deformation, stiffness, pains and numbness, calculi, spurs, hyperosteogeny, immobility, etc., can be helped by using acupuncture microsurgery technique.

Sports or trauma injuries, chronic condition of wear and tear of joints, and post operative wound healing, hemorrhoids, low immune disorders such as asthma, can also be helped. Therapeutic course of treatments require about two to five sittings and it is advisable to consult Acupuncturist regarding this method of treatment.


Usually can be observed as row of 10 to 18 needles inserted along the surface area of the head, treatments arranged for once daily or alternate days. From the research gathered by many TCM and Acupuncture hospitals and practitioners, this method renders good results for post stroke hemiplagia, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, post operative paralysis, vertigo, and loss of speech, trigeminal neuralgia, and cerebellum imbalance.

Neurological function disorders such as chorea, intelligence, and epilepsy. Others such as organ prolapsed and abnormal uterine bleeding can also be helped using this method.

Opposing side will be used for treatment, such as treatment will be applied on the left head if the hemiplagia occur on the right.

For more details on this method, please refer to the relevant books written by various professors who are familiar with this technique, such as Dr Jiao Shunfa and Prof Mingqing Zhu.


Using Jia Ji points, or 两边 (Liang Bian), distributed on both sides of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae, and can be observed as row of 18 to 28 needles inserted on either side, or observed as one straight row. Moxa cones or wool can be used too. Treatments can be applied daily or alternate days. Suitable for degenerative disorders, cervical spondylosis, inflammation of vertebrae, spinal column disorders, respiratory and blood vessels disorders, digestive disorders of liver and gall bladder, diabetes, myasthenia gravis, lower limbs paralysis, etc.

Applying the E System acupuncture theory, these sets of Jia Ji points can be used to treat the relative organs disorder along the path of spinal column, enabling the blood supply more nutrients to the acupoint and specific organs, and to enhance the body immune system.


Also known as bleeding method, this is another ancient technique, using acupuncture techniques to bleed or “drain”, usually to activate blood and Qi, reduce swelling, disperse stagnation, and detoxify cases of inflammation, reduction of heat in Excessive disorders, complements Acupuncture Microsurgery for the surface in necessary cases. Needling methods such as 梅花针or 七星针Therapeutic course of treatments require 1 to 3 sittings.

Three-Edged Needle apply blood letting for dispersing a stasis三棱针–手术排血/放血疗法 Suitable for various emergency conditions, using 三棱针 (San Ling Zhen, otherwise known as Three-Edged Needle) to perform blood letting technique for disperse, relief the condition. San Ling Zhen blood letting method can be applied on emergency conditions such as Acute Laryngitis, Tonsilitis, heat stroke, apoplexy, Acute Pain syndrome or acute low back pain. Also suitable for acute gastrointestinal inflammation, etc.

Distal acupoints such as finger tips can be selected to apply blood letting for dispersing a stasis, or stagnation. This is common in stroke conditions or cerebral hemorrhage.


Used in promoting circulation of blood and Qi, pain relief, reduce swelling, dispel cold and dampness, often used for arthritis of wind-cold-dampness, acute sprains, cold syndromes, wind syndromes, acute gastrointestinal pain. Local area usually becomes sore, flushed or bruised, and is considered normal and will disappear after some time.

Colour is used to define various conditions in the TCM theory. After removal of the cup, the location may have a bruise or colored circular mark, indication of the condition related to the acupoint, the location or even the related organ.

If it is observed to be red, it can be explained as Heat or Blockage in the meridians & collaterals or internal organs being overactive. Dark red colour, sometimes accompanied with slight swelling, is another indication of Qi and blood blockage and stagnation in the meridians and channels, commonly found in cases of external injury, eg., like a bad fall, sports injury or traumatic accident.

If the location is observed as yellow, may be due to wind and dampness, can be found in rheumatic arthritis conditions, 痹症 Bi-Syndrome, disorders in the joints, four limbs, and affecting the meridians, organs or distal joints.

Greenish Purple – Cold and dampness, commonly found with very poor micro-circulation or numbness, usually some stimulation such as tapping or massage is applied before putting on the cups.


Can be applied through various instruments such as Hanging, Box, or applied direct onto the needle. Indirectly over a piece of ginger, salt or garlic.

Within 24 hours after Acupuncture treatment, the response of endocrine to perform homeostasis is high but gradually disperses after 72 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to follow instructions on the next treatment.

Acute illness has to be treated intensively daily or twice a day to obtain the required results.

For chronic and complicated cases it is advisable to continue treatment for 10-15 sittings as a course, or if necessary, as many as 30 sittings in one treatment course.

Sittings for prevention treatment and health improvement could be arranged for once a month or special arrangement for prevention treatment for acute seasonal attacks of asthma, bronchitis asthma and pre-menopause syndromes.

ECIWO Acupuncture Therapy is the latest way to explain Acupuncture. It means “Embryo Containing Information of the Whole Organism”, and is based on the Bioholography Law and Pan-Embryo Therapy. When this therapy is applied, the organic hormone for homeostasis is influenced. The duration of every treatment is 20-45 minutes with a course of 1-15 sittings. Depending on individual response to the treatment, some cases may see improvements

In Acute or Early onset of symptoms, usually 1 to 3 acupoints are selected without strong stimulation, without retaining the needles, because the acupoints will normally experience strong reaction to the stimulation during these periods.

Chronic or needle phobic, or weak physical constitution, 5 to 7 acupoints, without strong stimulation retain 30 to 45 minutes; additional stimulation may be applied during intervals.

In certain cases, the course of meridians and collaterals were selected, by inserting needles on opposite direction with the points, facing each other. Usually found on four limbs, using up to 16 to 32 needles. This can serve as “locking” the acupoint, reinforce or even to reduce the treatment effect.

Except traumatic injuries, the Nature Cure theory can assist the human body’s immune system overcome any disease (from ageing to cell changes) caused by imbalance hormones of insufficient endocrine.

These conditions cause malfunction of the body’s immune system, resulting in weak resistance. This, in turn, causes individual cells to grow abnormally, according to turmoil- based, or TCM theory. This can be rectified with acupuncture treatment and acupuncture microsurgery has proven to be effective in stimulating the body to produce substances for overcoming illnesses, as well as delaying ageing.

Ordinary Acupuncture, ECIWO Acupuncture, ECIWO Medicine and Ancient Acupuncture surgery are considered remedies with potential to conquer symptoms related to all kinds of diseases. From the first diagnosis the patient will be advised on the numbers of treatment needed and will be closely observed and monitored during the course of treatment.

The conclusion that (except for cases like bone fracture, old age and collapse of the Yin and Yang disease) Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine based on the latest Embryonic ECIWO Therapy receives good response than conventional medicine and in comparison produces far fewer side effects it is the natural way of cure for sicknesses.

ECIWO Acupuncture Case Studies – 03

case studies

Unclear liver disorder

Dr. Walter XXX
Patient 1014 Pharmacist male 56 yr. old

Diagnosis: Unclear liver disorder with swelling (palpable), no clinical explanation, liver values elevated, allergies, all clinical measures and medication without success.

Treatment: One course of acupuncture daily ECIWO liver for 7 days (8.2.99), then twice a week until 20.2.99 (in addition diet and vit. B 12).

After 4 weeks good condition, since then no subjective complaints, liver values normal (measured with Refloton device = normal up to 50, the patient had a value of 87 before treatment and today 38,5)

Tumorous growth

Patient 1054 female 65 yr. old retreat

Diagnosis: Tumorous growth behind the right eye, massive conjunctivitis, very restricted eye sights, especially at night. Operation in clinic without success.

Therapy: ECIWO acupuncture liver, TCM liver 2 with long needle, knee eyes and UB 21 from 13.9.99 – 17.7.99 15 treatment (twice/day) In addition diet and eye drops, mineral tablets, vit. B 12.

Medical doctors in clinic were very surprised that the patient is without pain, in good sight and no tumour to be found. Patient is well and sees well.

Morbus Scheuermann

Patient 1124 male 43 yr. old early pension for health reasons

Diagnosis: Morbus Scheuermann since age of 12 years first three years of life in hospital pain in all articulations, especially neck, sleepless

Treatment: 8.6., 15.6., 8.7., 19.7., 24.7.99 ECIWO acupuncture liver and kidney 2.met.bone and ex 17 inntang. In addition diet, special massage of tendons, no medication. Since then without pain and in good condition.


Patient 1129 Teacher female 44 yr. old early pension for health reasons

Diagnosis: Melangiom, multiple (head, breast, thorax) permanent pain clinical treatment, operation and galvano therapy without success. Many children diseases (smallpox very heavy, angina pertussis) leukopenia, bad phagozytosis, thrombozyts 70% aggr.

Therapy: 15.6. – 30.8.99 ECIWO acupuncture 14 x kidney 2.met. bone and liver 2, in addition medication Utilin strong and Mucokehl and Traumeel, some massages. At the moment without pain, good condition, no further bone abnormalities.

Lung Carcinoma

Patient : A Medical Professional

Male/Age59/Weight72kg/ Frequently Exercise/Vital And Healthy

Non Smoking/No Syndrome of Discomfort/ No Medications

Discovery of the Growth Of The Mass/ Lung Carcinoma About 3.7×3.6cm Located At The Lower Lobe Of The Right Lung During His Journey In Yantai ,China ( May 2002)

  • 3.7X3.6 c m Tumor Mass Was Found At middle Lobe Of Right Lung
  • The Density Of Tumor Mass Was Smooth
  • The Marginal Of The Tumor Was Uneven
  • There Were Small Nodules Surrounding The Mass have Been Seen
  • Lung Carcinoma With Mediastinal Lymph Nodes Had Metastasis
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Non-Small Cell Carcinoma
  • Obstructive Pneumonitis  With Mild Cough

ECIWO Biology Medicine

ECIWO Biology

E-System Of Acupuncture

Dr. Ac. T.T. Ang

A person may suffer from heart diseases, liver diseases, or diseases of other organs. How do you prevent, improve or counter these health problems without using modern medication? In this aspect, I would like to share with you about my 30 years of clinical experience in treating with Herbs And Food Cure Therapy System base on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts further supported with the latest ECIWO concept.

When the body suffers malfunction or an injury, ECIWO healing system including herb and food cure remedy and acupuncture can assist body repair. The following chart shows a body healing system, based on this concept:


Body Healing System by ECIWO Concept

If the heart suffers an malfunction or an injury, the ECIWO Biology Medicine or ECIWO Acupuncture can be applied to stimulate the heart organs. The heart then communicates with the small intestine, prolonging the vital energy force within the blood vessel, tissue of the eyes and the brain. This, in turn, influence the facial complexion with a reddish colour.

1.The Heart communicates to the Small Intestine and prolonging the vital energy force within the blood vesse, tissue of the eyes and the brain. They will influence the facial complexion with a reddish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be read through the tongue. ECIWO Biology medicine & acupuncture stressed that selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the heart and small intestine providing continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the liver suffers malfunction and an injury, the ECIWO Biology Medicine & ECIWO acupuncture can be applied to stimulate the liver organs. The liver then communicates with the gall bladder, prolonging the life force of the eyes, the inner portions of the vertex, tendon and nail. This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a greenish colour.

2.The Liver communicates to the Gall. Life force will prolong to the tendon and nail and they will influence the eyes and facial complexion with a greenish color.Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be read through the eyes. ECIWO Biology Medicine & Acupuncture stressed that the selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the liver and gall bladder providing continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the spleen suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system or ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the spleen organs. The spleen then communicates with the stomach, prolonging the growth force of the muscle tissues. This, in turn, influences the eyelids, mouth and facial complexion with a yellowish colour.

3. The spleen communicates to the Stomach and prolonging the growing force to the muscle and soft tissues. They will influence the eyelids, mouth and facial complexion with a yellowish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be observed through the mouth and lips. ECIWO Biology Medicine and acupuncture stressed that the selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the spleen and stomach provides continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the lung suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system or ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the lung points. The liver would communicates with the large intestine, prolonging the energy force on the skin and body surface, This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a whitish colour. Examination of the nose would indicate this organ force.

4. The Lung communicates to the Large Intestine and prolonging the energy force on the skin, hair and body surface. They will influence the facial complexion with a whitish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be obtained from the nose.

If the kidney suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the kidney. The Kidney then communicates with the urinary bladder, prolonging the vital force in t the hair and nerve system. This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a blackish colour. Examination of the ears would indicate this organ force.

5. The Kidney communicates to the Urinary Bladder and prolonging vital force in the growing of bones, hair and nerve system. They will influence the facial complexion with a blackish color. Reading the understanding the organ force and function can be obtained from the ear.

Chart B shows the infection impairment of the body

By using positive stimulation massage, the injured part of the body can be repaired by self-adjustments of body’s immune system.

When there are functional disorders in the body, using ECIWO therapy, herbs or acupuncture massage will stimulate a response by the endocrine system. If Embryo System of herb therapy is used, remittance of the immune system will occur. The body, in turn, responds by carrying out self-adjustments.

When there is endocrine or organ disturbances, using ECIWO acupuncture and ECIWO or herb therapy will stimulate the balance of the body.

When there are tumors or cancers, Acupuncture-Micro surgery will be used to bring balance to the homeostatic system of the body. Otherwise, these diseases could result in the collapse of the Yin and Yang, which could be fatal.


T.T. Ang Chinese Nature Cure System
The Embryo System of Chinese Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture

Chart C shows the disharmony of the interior and exterior

By using positive stimulation, the upper portion of the trunk can carry out self-adjustments. This, in turn, leads to the elimination of symptoms like headache, sore throat, cough, asthma, pneumonia, dyspnea, cardiac pain, anxiety, mental disorder, and, metallic disorder, through the use of ECIWO, herb therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture.

When it is used on the middle portion of the trunk, positive stimulation can lead to self-adjustments of that portion. Subsequently, ECIWO, hers therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture will be able to counter symptoms like migraine, tinnitus, otitis media, deafness, blindness, angina pectoris, costal neuralgia, cholecystitis, hepatitis, and diabetes mellitus.

The lower portion of the trunk can also self-adjust after receiving positive stimulation. ECIWO, herb therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture will then be used to prevent and eliminate symptoms like sore throat, deafness, poor vision, loss of hair, arthritis, spondylitis, neuritis lumbago, weakness of lower limb, nephritis, cystitis, impotence, menopathy, anusitis, hemorrhoid, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic disorder.

Open Chart

By using ECIWO herb pan-embryo system and acupuncture, and qigong healing, the immune system disorders, functional failures, and tumours or cancers can be helped by the self-adjustments of the immune system and homeostatic system. Otherwise, the disharmony of the interior and exterior will, eventually, lead to death.


From my many years of experience and my understanding of the latest Chinese Nature-cure System, I strongly recommend the above-mentioned methods and concepts. I am very hopeful of the future of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Their alternative system of treatment is natural and highly effective. Moreover, the treatment with these methods is much more economical. In short, ECIWO Embryo System of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture will greatly benefit human kind.

ECIWO Acupuncture Case Study – Compilation 02

case studies

Dr. Rackow
86482 Aystetten, Gartenstrasse 14A, Germany

I had been to Düsseldorf in 1997 and Koln in 1998. In 1999, I attended the T T Ang ECIWO-System Seminar in Singapore on two occasions. In May 1999, I had successfully gone through a course on ECIWO Clinical Observation Training at Chinese Nature-Cure Institute.

I have mastered the practical technique of ECIWO-System in the treatment and with this ECIWO-System, my treatment brought out pleasant results.

I have treated various types of heart and lung vascular diseases, eye diseases and cervical or lumbar vertebra symptom through the ECIWO-System for many years. Below are some of the similar diseases of which I had treated before.


Mrs. Obweger M. Austria Date: 25.5.35

Diagnose From The Local Hospital And Local Doctors:

Migraine, Thrombosis & Pancreas Disabilities

Mrs Obweger suffers from migraine with vomiting, thrombosis and pancreas disabilities since 35 years ago.

There was no sufficient treatment available from all local doctors and hospitals. The patient was in a desolate life.

Treatment And Course:

The first treatment with bioresonance-therapy allergy of milk and wheat. After the treatment, the patient’s condition was improved, but not sufficient. At the same time, Mrs Obweger was required to change her eating habit, which would improve her health condition.

One day, she came to me by train. Upon arrival, she felt extreme headache. I gave her one ECIWO Acupuncture treatment with additional Lidocain on the tibia and head point. Within seconds, her headache was gone.

Mrs Obweger was very surprised and happy. After completing 7 days of treatments with ECIWO-Point on head and pancreas areas, she felt good with no relapse thereafter.

Miss C. Reisner Augsburg Date: 7.9.69

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

PMS & Depression

Treatment and Course:

After several times with ECIWO Acupuncture treatments at the lower abdomen point, combined with periost-acupuncture for 15 seconds on spina illiaca anterior superior and to the symphysis, the PMS was gone and the depression was improved tremendously.

A few months later, she found a new employment on Mallorca Island. She wrote me a thank you letter and told me that I was her angel in the last two years.

Mr. Alois Obweger Austria Date: 30.3.38

Diagnose From The Local Private Doctor And Local Hospital In Austria:

Cardiac Infraction

Treatment And Course:

Mr. Obweger was hospitalised twice for several weeks. Each time for 10 days in intensive care. The Professor in-charge suggested he should undergo bypass operation, but the patient refused.

During the hospitalisation, the patient received treatment only with Heparin and Sedativum. The patient refused to take the tasteless food from the hospital and he requested to have his natural food prepared privately.

After a few weeks, Mr. Obweger came to my clinic in a very bad health condition. He could not walk without extreme pain in his chest and he had difficulty in breathing. I had to supply him with oxygen immediately. Mr. Obweger was advised to come for 7 days of ECIWO Acupuncture treatments (heart and stomach point), twice a day on the 2.MCB and the tibia with chickenleg needling.

Also, he needed to have 4 times bloodletting treatments for thromboses (microbiology). Besides, Mr Obweger was required to come for an oxygen-more-purpose-therapy for 2 hours a day from Prof. Dr. V.Ardenne.

After the treatment, Mr Obweger went back to Austria with an advice to take various types of herbal medicine. Two months after the first treatment, the patient came back to me to continue with another 9 days of ECIWO Acupuncture treatments.

10 days after the first treatment, the patient is able to join an easy mountain climbing trip without having any problems.

5 months later, the patient was cured and started to take the long-run-training.

Mrs. Landthaler Illertissen Date: 23.2.28

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Persistent Cough

Permanent coughing and itching in the sternum region, probably caused by an irritation of the trachea.

Treatment And Course:

After two ECIWO Acupuncture treatments at lung point with needle retention for 15 seconds and one needle to the sternum periost, Mrs. Landthaler found that her coughing was immediately gone. She became a recipe for a heart remedy later.

Mrs. Schmid Austria Date: 12.3.40

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Haemoglobinurie Paroxysmale & Thrombosis

Haemoglobinurie Paroxysmale – very high and thrombosis.

Treatment And Course:

Mrs Schmid suffered from “thrombosis-risk”and she came to the clinic for acupuncture treatment. The treatment was divided into 2 steps.

First step, thrombosis with microbiology injections. Second step, “ECIWO kidney and bladder point”- eight treatments within four days. After the treatments, the paroxysmale haemoglobinurie was gone.

Also, what was most surprising was her infected tooth with pus (treatment resistance since months) was cured with this treatment. We were very surprised. Mrs Schmid came for thrombosis treatments for another 4 – 6 weeks and during this period, she had her urine examined regularly.


Mr. Frei M. Germany Date: 19.1.30

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Macula Degeneration & Diabetes

Mr. Frei could not read and recognise me. The patient took Insulin for his diabetes and there is no treatment for macula degeneration. Anyway, there is no sufficient treatment for macula degeneration by Western doctors.

Treatment And Course:

Mr. Frei got a new natural medication for his diabetes. A few weeks after he has taken the new medication, his diabetes stopped. There was no need for him to take Insulin anymore. Mr Frei was also given 3 ECIWO Acupuncture treatments in order to improve his bloodstream and a prevention against thrombosis. Besides, Mr Frei was required to change his eating habit by taking more natural and fresh food.

ECIWO – Treatment on 2 + 3 MCB – leg – footsole – 6 days – twice a day.

After the treatment, the foggy sight was gone and Mr Frei could read big letters and could recognise me. He was really happy with the treatment results and he has introduced many patients to me. Mr Frei needed to repeat the treatment for a few weeks.

Mrs. Schaller K. Höchstätten Date: 2.3.25

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Diabetes & Macula Degeneration

A reading test showed that Mrs. Schaller could not read at all.

Treatment And Course:

First, I advised Mrs Schaller to change her eating habit as she was much overweight.
Second, she became a recipe for new remedies to support the diabetes.

The patient’s diabetes improved so much that she was able to walk longer distance.

The Insulin test showed a reduction of 2/3 and the pain in her legs subsided. 6 treatments with ECIWO-Acupuncture on 2 MCB leg, foot and head points. After the treatment, the reading test showed a clear improvement.

Mrs. Schaller’s situation had stabilised and she was required to come for another 6 treatments to improve her vision capabilities.

Mrs. H. Kohnen Wörselen Date: 26.2.20

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Macula Degeneration – Virtually Blind

All doctors and hospitals had no treatment for this disease. Mrs. Kohnen is a mother of two doctors.

Treatment And Course:

This case is my biggest success with ECIWO-Acupuncture!

My Diagnosis:
Blood status strong thrombosis, pancreas insufficiency, liver intoxication, vertebral torsinones, luxatio congenita coxae 2 cm left leg and scolioses.

ECIWO-Acupuncture was given on 2 MCB liver and eye points – simultaneous leg and foot points.

After 4 days, Mrs. Kohnen could see me and 7 days later, she could read newspaper with her glasses on. A few months later, Mrs Kohnen came for a second treatment. The luxatio and the column were treated and they were completely cured. She had a prescription for liver and pancreas insufficient.

After the treatment, Mrs. Kohnen was able to travel home by railway on her own. The patient and I were so happy with the treatment results.


Mrs. Däubler R. Germany Date: 22.1.57

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Intervertebral Disc Prolapsed

Intervertebral disc prolapsed, LWS 7-5, serious problems during walking and during the night. At the same time, BWS 5-7 torsion and blockade of the vertebras with pain in these areas. These problems caused the patient extremely unpleasant.

Treatment And Course:

Mrs. Däubler received a primary treatment from a normal orthopaedic doctor with little success. After a few weeks, she came to my clinic for acupuncture treatment. Mrs. Däubler had 3 treatments of ECIWO Acupuncture (hip and chest area only at the fibula) and Lidocain in the treatment.

Within seconds after the treatment, she felt no pain at all. The vertebral torsion was treated manually. After the treatment, the spinal column was straight and back to normal position. Mrs. Däubler was happy with the treatment results and she introduced many of her friends to me.

Mrs. Pfitscher B. Italy Date: 3.3.59

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Neck and Chest Column Pain

Mrs. Pfitscher was in a state of unconsciousness while bending forward. She felt pain in her neck and chest column. She received treatment from a clinic in Italy and Austria but was ineffective. She suspected that she was going to lose her job as a teacher.

Treatment And Course:

Two treatments for 3 weeks, with 5 days as an interval in between the treatment – twice a day (ECIWO neck, chest and liver points on the 2 MCB and tibia with chickenleg needling). Some medication were applied to improve her immune system and detoxification.

After the two treatments, Mrs. Pfitscher went back to Italy without any symptoms and she could start working again.

Mr. Dikta A. Germany Date: 28.7.54

Diagnose From the Local Doctors And Hospital:

Hip Joint Pain

Mr. Dikta has extreme pain in his hip area for about 25 years! He received treatments from local doctors but the results were ineffective. He was about to lose his job.

Treatment And Course:

Two treatments with ECIWO Acupuncture on 2 MCB and tibia. One treatment at the tibia with Lidocain. In addition, Mr. Dikta also applied two different types of oil for muscle relaxation. He feels good now and he can keep his job.

Ms. Rubner Angelika Augsburg Date: 27.2.71

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Neck Rigidity

Ms. Angelika had stiff neck with extreme pain in her neck and shoulder region. The doctors told her that she had no migraine and the position of the vertebral are in upright position. She did not receive any treatments from the hospitals.

Ms. Angelika had taken X-ray for her neck and shoulder region and the doctor sent her to a special neck massage and gymnastic. During the first treatment, Ms. Rubner Angelika complained that the pain became worse and the treatment had to be stopped immediately. After the incident, she came to me for acupuncture treatment.

Treatment And Course:

The patient had ECIWO Acupuncture (neck point on 2 MCB and tibia), an infrared and irradiation for the neck region. After a few seconds, the pain vibration on the neck, shoulder and vertebral were gone. The next day, Ms. Angelika repeated the same treatment. Finally, she was cured. She was satisfied with the treatment result and no treatments were required after that.

Miss B. Deschler Scherstetten Date: 18.3.74

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Back, Shoulder, Knee & Sciatica Pain

Miss Deschler received treatments from the local orthopaedic doctors with no effective results.

Treatment And Course:

The problem was caused by a luxatio congenita coxae with columntorsions and scoliosis. The column and hip problems were cured manually. ECIWO Acupuncture was given on the waist and leg points.

Miss Deschler was very weak. She needed to have 100% oxygen supply during the acupuncture treatment and a prescription of biological medicine. The treatment was successful and Miss Deschler was cured. She celebrated her wedding ceremony a few weeks later without feeling pain at all.

Mr. A. Körner Ingolstadt

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Lower Spinal and Thumb Pain

Hypermobility with pain in lower spinal column and thumb.
There was no effective treatment from the local doctors and hospitals.

Treatment And Course:

The ECIWO Acupuncture treatments were given to the waist point on 2 MCB and also to the thumb, combined with one point needled by Prof. Dr. Mann, London (Discover of Periost-Acupuncture) on the elbow (Periost-Acupuncture-Point for arm and heart region). After the treatment, the pain in her thumb was gone.

Mrs. Körner introduced her mother to me who had back pain and eyes disabilities. After one treatment, she had to travel back to Aachen, which is 700km far away. However, she still keeps in touch with me to let me her health condition. Mrs. Körner and her daughter will come back to me for a consultation and treatment in the next coming holidays.

Regulate The Immunology Function

bateria header

Thousand years ago, the Chinese had already discovered how to make use of Chinese herbs to balance the body Yin & Yang system and the use of needles on the body to eliminate pain and cure diseases to perfect health.

In 1963, a roundstone needle, which is determined as the primitive tool for acupuncture therapy, was unearthed in the relics of the Neolithic Age at Toudaowa, Dolun Banner, and Inner Mongolia. Therefore, the origin of Bianshi can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, which was four to ten thousand years ago.

The cumulative clinical experience on human being and the time-tested theories constitute the most comprehensive medical system.

The application of acupuncture treatment consists of using needle to stimulate the acupoints and using moxibustion on the superficial area, to re-activate the body function, growth and to influence the internal organs to perform self-healing.

It remains the world’s oldest, safest treatment that has no side effect and does not disrupt the body physiological function. Therefore the international medical fraternity had increasingly treasured acupuncture.

The Important Effect of Acupuncture in Regulating the Immunology Function

Moxibustion on the kidney point of rat everyday for 30 minutes for 7 consecutive days could remarkably overcome epidemic haemorrhage fever virus (EHFV), as well as increase the function of cytophagy in the abdominal cavity of the rat.

Experiment on lymphocyte function shown that, rats being treated with moxibustion, are observed to have higher reproduction reaction of their spleen cells, which help induce Con A and IL2 in normal rat and the ones that had inflammation – infected rat. This proved that moxibustion increases the cellular immunity and improve the function of anti-inflammation.

In a case study, involving the use of Chinese herbs such as Fu-Zi (aconite root), Rou-Gui (cinnamon bark), Hong-Hua (safflower) etc and made into a “cake”, placed on acupoints Zhongwan (Ren 12), Qihai (Ren 6), Zusanli (St 36), Tienshu (St 25), Dachangshu (Ub 25) etc to treat 41 cases of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The total effective rate was 92.4% effectively higher than the corresponding groups in the western medicine, of which the total effective rate, was 62.5%.

This explains how indirect moxibustion with Chinese herbs could regulate the T cell subclassification and the immunology function. This treatment guides and adjusts the immunology function of the IBS patient effectively.

A Japanese scholar, Mr Xiao Yuan Zao Er, did a research on 12 elderly people age between 66-92. He selected acupoints Zhongwan (Ren 12), Tienshu (St 25), Guanyuan (Ren 4), Hegu (Li 4), Zusanli (St 36), Sanyinjiao (Sp 6), Feishu (Ub 13), Ganshu (Ub 18), Pishu (Ub 20), Shenshu (Ub 23) etc. and performed acupuncture treatment twice a week for 2 months. The result was lymphocyte CD3, CD4 and CD4/CD8 appeared to increase significantly.

Research was done on malignant tumor patients with low cellular immunity. As a major means of effective therapy, radiation and chemotherapy not only destroy malignant tumor cells; it severely damaged the normal cells at the same time. Thus, it further reduces the body immunity system. After radiation and chemotherapy, CD2, CD4 had decreased, CD8 normal, CD4/CD8 declined.

Needling on acupoints Quchi (Li 11), Hegu (Li 4), Zusanli (St 36) etc increased CD2, CD4. No effect on CD8. As a result, improving CD4/CD8 disorder, hence, enhance the immunity of the cell.

Cancerous patients were given moxibustion on Dazhui (Du 14), Feishu (Ub 13), and Pishu (Ub 20) twice a week, each time 3 zhuang (direct-moxa). One month later, it was found that the T-cell and T cell subclassification do not have significant changes. However, the ratio of the T-inhibit/killer cells had increased significantly.

Malignant tumor patients have a decline of T cell subclassification, IL-2 (Interleukin-2) and high number of inactive Natural killer cell. After needling, results revealed significant improvement and regulating T-lymphocyte and T cell subclassification, and enhance the IL-2 and natural killer cell activity.

Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) level in serum dropped significantly, this shown that needling can intensely stop the manifestation of the TNF in blood. Thus, reducing the danger of pathology changes of TNF, which occurred after the acute cerebral infarction. Therefore needling had double effects of preventing further development of thrombus, which in turn provide protection of the brain.

Needling on specific acupoint could significantly enhance the immunity adhesion activity of red cells organism even after 24hrs. By using wheat-seed moxibustion (mai li jiu direct moxa) once a day for 15 treatments, could significantly increase the red blood cell C3b and cell IC Rossette formation rate. Moxibustion therefore has been recommended and is an important practice to regulate immunity and for anti-aging.

Rat that has been given indirect moxibustion with salt on acupoint Shenque (Ren 8), has seen an increase in Natural killer cell activity (NK). This method was repeated within 48 hour before the Natural killer cell activity (NK) starts to decline to prevent lapse of NK activity and sustaining it at a much higher level.

As in the case of asthmatic patient, the value of T cell Subclassification, CD3, CD4, CD4/CD8 not only declined but also led to lower NK cell activity. By adopting ” ge jiang jiu shenque ” (indirect moxibustion with ginger) once a day for 30 days consecutively, it was noticed that both the value of CD3, CD4, CD4/CD8 and NK cell activity had risen in varied degrees.

In the case of healthy person, by having acupuncture on Shangjuxu (St.37) for 12 consecutive days, it had shown that both serum Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin A (IgA) had increased comparatively prior to needling session.

Among them, IgG had enhanced significantly vis-a-vis Ig A. However IgM do not have any changes fundamentally. For a normal person, having needling on acupoints such as Zusanli (St 36), Dazhui (Du 14), Tienshu (St 25), Quchi (Li 11) etc. Their Immunoglobulin had increased within 3 days and was maintained at the same level for more than 12 days.

Needling on acupoint Hegu (Li 4) on a healthy person has successfully induced interferons (IFN) while moxibustion bring out the effect of interferon¡¯s and has up to 8 hrs of effectiveness in antigen carrier of no symptom hepatitis B Virus (HBV).

Research has proven that acupuncture can effectively induce IFN against Newcastle disease virus (NDV.)

In another word, under the condition of viral infections, acupuncture could further enhance the effects of anti-virus mechanism effectively. It has shown that while applying the enhancement induction effect on the IFN of the rat¡¯s, moxibustion is stronger than needling. Both weak stimulation and strong stimulation could further enhance the induction effect of rat¡¯s IFN. However, weak stimulation seems to produce better results.

Case Report (1)

Mr. Sit Singapore Age: 28 Reg. no. : 910112 Date : 09.01.91

Hospital Diagnose: Tongue Cancer

After undergoing surgery, Mr. Seet felt that his tongue had hardened, thus causing difficulty in speaking. Other symptoms were swelling of the throat, red tongue, rapid pulse and icy-cold hands and feets. He was referred to me by one of my Qigong students. Qigong is practice with the objective to improve the body’s immune system.

Besides Qigong, I suggested acupuncture treatment to alleviate his symptoms. Treatment concentrated on Zhaohai (K 6), E-system throat point, which was considered as one of the “roots of cancer”* located at the sole. After 10 treatments, his condition showed tremendous improvement. Whenever he felt any discomfort in the throat, he would seek acupuncture treatment.

When I saw him again in 1997, he confirmed that he was in excellent health and was getting married. In 1999, his wife gave birth to a healthy baby. He still visits me occasionally for treatment of minor cold and flu symptoms. After 13 years in Feb 2004, I was the first one he had in mind to consult when he needed treatment for respiratory tract infection.

Case Report (2)

Mdm Ver Indonesia Age : 44 Reg no. : 960323 Date : 18.03.96

Hospital diagnose: Breast Tumor

Patient suffered from post surgery symptoms for tumors in her left breast about 2 ¨C 3 ‘o clock in position. There was an inflammation and pain on the operated area and her wound could not healed completely. Her doctor from Indonesia referred her to me for 1 week of daily acupuncture treatments.

She flew back to Indonesia and came back to Singapore on 3 – 4 occasions to see me. Her pain subsided but there was still a yellow discharge and dark red blood oozing from her wound. So I advised her to see her doctor but she refused.

In 11 Jan 1999, she came to see me with the tiny wound that has not been completely healed from the last visit. The main acupoints were Zusanli (St 36), Zhouhai (K 6), Qichi (Li 11), Houxi (Si 3) and ECIWO liver and lung points at 2nd

metacarpal bone. Finally, after 6 treatments, the discharge was healed and she returned to her country.

Case Report (3)

Mdm Fa Age : 45 Singapore Reg no.: 940701 Date : 1-07-1994

Hospital diagnose: Breast Cancer

This patient suffered from mastectomy post syndrome after chemotherapy. The fingers and nails turned black, ulceration on the ankle, cold limbs, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and pain around the operated area, thready pulse, weak breath, blue-purple corpulent tongue. Her doctor cautioned her about the possibility of relapse.

She has been coming for my acupuncture treatments for the past 5 years for health maintenance & prevention treatments. Prescribed points were main points Zhaohai (K 6), Zusanli (St 36) and ECIWO kidney with direct moxibustion on Zusanli (St 36). Her latest medical check-up gave her a clean bill of health.

Throughout the year 1999 till 2002, she came to see me regularly for other complaints like flu, fever, sinusitis, cough, skin infection or chest pain.

In May 2004, she told me that she had hysterectomy due to uterus cancer.

Case Report (4)

Ms Nat Age : 32 Switzerland Reg no.: 9901/32 Date : 18-01-1999

Hospital diagnose: Hypoglycaemia/Epilepsy/Pancreas Cancer

This patient had suffered from fainting spell for the past 10 years. She also complained of uncontrollable emotions and needed food every 2 ¨C 3 hours due to hypoglycemia. Before consulting me, she was treated in Germany and Switzerland and was suspected of having cancer in her pancreas. She underwent operation and examination but doctors could not confirm her condition.

She came to see me in Singapore and I gave her treatment with the E-System acupuncture on Zusanli (St 36), Zhongwan (Ren 12), Touwei (St 8) and ECIWO stomach and pancreas at 2nd metacarpal bone. After 18 treatments, her symptoms almost disappeared.

In 20 July 1999, my family and I visited her home in Switzerland. She gratefully informed me that her condition was well under control. In 14 Nov. 1999, she came to see me in Singapore for 10 days of maintenance treatments.

In June 2004, when I traveled to Zurich for an outpatient trip, she visited me together with her family. I was told that her health was doing very well.

Case Report (5)

Dr Ma Age: 43 Indonesia Reg no.: 9203/53 Date: 24.3.1992

Hospital diagnose: Colon Cancer

Patient is a dentist based in Jakarta. She came to Singapore and consulted me that she was diagnosed with colon cancer but did not want western medication. She was using food cure remedy and was eager to seek acupuncture as an alternative treatment to help her.

From the auricular diagnose, I found that not only the tumor points T 1, T 2, T 3 * were hyperactive, her appendix area was also highly sensitive. Her tongue and face looked pale, which was due to anemia, poor energy force and lack of vital energy (qi). On her first visit, she requested for a diagnosis only.

A few months later, she decided to come back to undergo my treatment program, which constituted a course of 15 sittings. She sensed a great improvement and she felt more energy flow in her body, her bowel movements were smooth and her facial complexion looked healthier.

The points prescribed were E-System large intestine, kidney point at 2nd metacarpal bone and cancer point on the sole of the foot. The patient returned to Jakarta.

A few months later, she also brought her friend who had suffered from cancer to see me in Singapore. She had told her friend that her colon cancer was cured by my treatment. Since then she had been recommending patients to me. She visited me again in June 2002; Unfortunately, I was out of town.

Case Report (6)

Mdm Jar Age : 50 Thailand Reg no. : 961250 Date : 30.12.96

Hospital Diagnose: Nose cancer / Nose bleeding / Uterine bleeding

Patient was found to have developed nose cancer and her doctor in Hong Kong recommended radiation therapy.

Unfortunately, the waiting list was too long and her condition was extremely serious. She was referred by one of my patient, Mrs. Her from the French women association to try my acupuncture treatment and have radiation in one of the hospital in Singapore.

Her symptoms include thirst, having gastric pain, uterine bleeding and frequent profuse bleeding from the nose. When her doctors were unable to cure it, she decided to seek acupuncture treatment.

I arranged a treatment program consisting of 14 sittings and concentrated on acupoints Xuehai (Sp 10), Yinbai (Sp 1), Zanzhu (Ub 2) and E-System lung point.

Two years later, when she spent her holiday in Singapore together with her eldest son, she came to look for me. I could not recognize her because she looked more youthful than before. I was told that she was in excellent health.

Case Report (7)

Mdm Pru Age : 55 Australia Reg no. : 860739 Date : 23.07.86

Hospital diagnose: 25 years colitis / ECIWO growth on the face

Patient was suffering from colitis for about 25 years. But lately she had blood in her bowels and doctor was concerned that it might develop into cancer.

E-system intestine points were selected Zusanli (St 36), Shangjuxu (St 37), and Tianshu (St 25). Hot needling were performed on acupoints Yingxiang (Li 20), Dicang (St 4), Quanliao (Si 18) located on her face and hook needles on the sole C2 of the intestine and colon which are carcinoma points. The carcinoma points were an indication of ” root of cancer.”

15 years later, she came to Singapore and paid a visit at my clinic. It was with great surprise and pleasure to see that she was in the pink of health.

Case Report (8)

Miss Elis Age: 28 Australia Reg no.: 921142 Date: 25.11.92

Hospital diagnose: 1st stage cervix cancer

After examination from the doctor, she was found to have 1st stage cervix cancer. She sought laser treatments from her gynecologists as well as other kind of treatments but there were no signs of improvement. As a result, she came to see me.

The diagnosis finding was positive on both her kidney and lower abdominal areas. Therefore, I selected acupoints stomach, kidney and lower abdominal points on 2nd metacarpal bone and Sanyinjiao (Sp 6), Guanyuan (Ren 4) and Shenshu (Ub 23).

In 12th December 1993, her endoscopy report showed no signs of cancerous finding in her cervix.

In December 1999, she visited my clinic. She told me that her recent examination result was still perfect.

Case Report (9)

Mdm Ren Age: 61 Germany Reg no. : 8711-01 Date : 3.11.87

Hospital diagnose: Carcinoma of mammary gland

The patient doctor discovered that there were multiple growths in her breast 15 years ago. From 1976 ¨C1981 she underwent 20 operations and had removed almost 25 glands. Out of the 25 glands, 5 were confirmed to be cancerous.

In 3 November 1987, she decided to seek acupuncture treatment. I treated her using E-System lung, stomach and large intestine points. In addition, carcinoma points on the sole were selected, otherwise also known as C1 & C3.

She visited me again in 1998. To my surprise, she was still alive and healthy. She even told me that she only believed in my acupuncture treatment and does not want any other medical treatment again.

Case Report (10)

Ms Shi Age: 47 Japan Reg no. : 9512/38 Date: 22.12.95

Hospital diagnoses: Post-Hysterectomy/ Vision disorders

In July 1995, patient suffered from blindness after she had a hysterectomy in one of the hospital in Singapore. After a series of CT scan and MRI scan, there were no special findings. She had consulted many specialists and underwent hospital treatment program for the past few months but did not feel much improvement.

When the hospital in Japan were closed during the Christmas and New Year seasons, she came to see me in Singapore for acupuncture treatment in 22nd December 1995, She was referred to me by one of my students.

I discovered that both her kidney and liver were hyperactive. Therefore 15 treatments were arranged. The acupoints selections were related to the eyes using E-system kidney, liver and gall bladder.

In 3rd February 1996 during Lunar New Year, she came back for another 13 sittings. Points selection were the same as above with additional point for the eyes at Taiyang, Yangbai (Gb 14), Chengqi (St 1), Zanzhu (Ub 2) as a “box-square system” of acupuncture to further stimulate the embryonic properties for continuous growth in the eye region.

The patient felt great improvement after the treatment and she informed me that she intended to discharge herself from the hospital treatment program when she returned to Japan.

From 8th April to 12 May 1996, she came back again for a course of 12 acupuncture treatments. Towards the end of her treatment, she regained some of her vision.

The points selections were similar to the first and second treatments with additional head points on Touwei (St 8), Chengjiang (Ren 24), and Baihui (Du 20). These serial points have a high and effective response in improving the eye functions.

In August 1999, I asked about her from my student and was informed that her vision has been back to normal.

Case Report (11)

Ms Elv Age: 22 Russia Reg no.: 981013 Date: 14.10.1998

Hospital diagnose: Ovarian Cyst

Patient was diagnosed with a 4cm ovarian cyst by her hospital doctor in 10 Oct 1998 she was advised to have surgery. She was referred to me by one of my former patients who claimed that she had suffered from a similar case and was cured by me.

Therefore, I recommended her a course of 10 treatments. After her 4th treatment on the 24 Oct 1998, she went back to her hospital doctor for a scan again and her report showed that her ovarian cyst had disappeared. I used treatment points with the E-System acupuncture on Qihai (Ren 4) and ECIWO lower abdomen at the Tibia on the right and ECIWO kidney point on the 2nd metacarpal bone.

Case Report (12)

Ms Ing Age: 31 Netherlands Reg no.: 930528 Date : 16.05.1993

Hospital diagnose: 1st stage cervix cancer

In 1987, she came to Singapore with her husband. They had 2 children. In 1993 May, she was diagnosed with 1st stage of squamous cell carcinoma of cervix.

She became very worried of her condition that it will aggravate; therefore she came to consult me for acupuncture treatment with the hope to increase her immune system.

Patient also suffered from throat discomfort, coughing with green phlegm. Her face was pale, physically weak and thin, had thready pulse, a syndrome of deficiency in both qi and blood. She was also under another doctor¡¯s treatment and was under medication for hypothyroid.

The auricular diagnosed showed positive reaction on urinary bladder and uterus, which were hypersensitive. A course of 15 sittings were performed on acupoints Qihai (Ren 6), Guanyuan (Ren 4), Zhongji (Ren3), Sanyinjiao (Sp6) supplementary points on Taichong Liv3 and Zhaohai (K6).

On 7 July 1993, she came to see me again. I was told that her hospital examination had confirmed that the squamous cell carcinoma in the cervix had reduced to a size of a white spot. She continued with preventive treatments until she had fully

recovered. Around 1996, she migrated to United States.

On 26 August 2004, she visited me with her grown-up children and confirmed that she is a healthy person and has no sickness now.

Case Report (13)

Mr Foo Age: 31 Singapore Reg no.: 030328 Date : 11.03.2003

Hospital diagnose: Fibrosarcoma / Tumor

Patient is an interior designer. There was a about 7x3cm cyst on his left thigh, inner media near acupoint xuehai. Due to the pain, he had difficulty to move around and effected his work.

In the past 12 years, he had undergone 3 operations to remove recurrence of cyst. During each operation, he had to be hospitalized for 1-3 months.

In May ¡¯03 he was distressed that the cyst recurred but does not want to be hospitalize anymore. His client, Mr. Hannes, from Switzerland who was also my patient referred him to see me. His condition improved after a course of acupuncture treatments.

He consulted me again from 17 Dec 2003 to 05 Jan 2004. He had fever, swelling and extreme hardness, pain from the cyst and had difficulty in walking. He had rapid and superficial pulse rate.

My treatment program was performing mircro-cut therapy* to remove the discharge. The acupoint prescribed were local point, a box system theory*, supplement with acupoints Yinlinquan (Sp 9), Sanyinjiao (Sp 6). At the same time, herbal supplement Chinese Ganoderma Lucidum Essence was prescribed to boost his immune system.

After the treatment, brown, dark waste and blood continue to bleed for about 3 days. He refused to go to the hospital for further observation so I advised him to seek private clinic for dressing.

In 31 August 2004, when I phoned him to find out his situation, he said that the lesion had covered-up completely and there was no more cyst and problem with his legs.

Case Report (14)

Mr. Zih Johore Age: 58 Reg no.: 020612 Date : 23.05.2002

Hospital diagnose: Lung carcinoma

On May 2002, The Yantai TCM Hospital in China diagnosed the patient with Lung CA. The CT scan showed the mass was 5.3cm x 4.00cm had compressed the right middle lope bronchus and the right pulmonary vessels.

The patient repeated the scan with another hospital. Diagnosis upon Transbronchial Biopsy revealed Non-Small Cell Carcinoma compatible with squamous cell carcinoma,lympho-epithelial type. Multi-tumor marker finding was negative.

In Beijing, the patient took Chinese herbal medicine, Qigong, Tuona practicing (respiration regulating Technique) and had daily acupuncture treatments for 2 weeks.

Patient went for another CT scan, which showed the mass had reduced in size. On the 3rd week onward, he underwent 20 sittings of radiation therapies, Chinese herbal immune system therapy and acupuncture treatments.

3 weeks later, the mass was reduced again. The mass almost disappeared after 9 months. 2 years later, CT scan showed the lungs were cleared.

The Chinese herbal medicine which patients took was Qi Bei Fei An Wan Fang, Chansuzhueye, Yadanzi, Chinese Ganoderma Lucidum Essence etc. Suggested acupoints were E-system Lung and Throat at metacarpal bone, Zusanli (St 36), Dazhui (Du14), Feishu (Ub 13) and Auricular Lung & Throat point. Direct moxibustion on Zusanli (St 36) twice a week. In addition, food remedy such as white butter, Jew¡¯s ear, Kiwi and Asparagus will aids in recovery.

This patient who suffered from LUNG CA had consulted many medical professor in various hospitals of China in Shandong, Tianjing, Beijing and Shanghai to seek for a cure. All reckon the first choice is to undergo operation and chemotherapy to remove the lung mass/growth.

* Note :

Root of Cancer ¨C located on the foot/soles for anti-carcinoma. By Pricking and cutting with hooked needle or small needle with acupuncture technique.

ECIWO ¨C an embryo containing the information of the whole organism. There are 11 ECIWO points altogether located at the 2nd metacarpal bone. ECIWO is the new strategy of conquering cancers by strengthening the function of the body¡¯s immune system

E-System ¨C A long bone system that looks like the whole body.

T1, T2, T3 – an indication of turmor from the auricular point.

Micro-cut-therapy ¨C micro-surgery with the use of hook needle / sharp knife needle

Box Therapy ¨C 4-6 needles surrounding the local complaint or the related organs.


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The Concept, Basic Principles Tasks And Significant Of Holographic Medicine

holographic medicine

Dr. TCM Li Lai Tian
China Shandong Medical University, China 

Inspired by the ancient holographic theory and influenced by the heated holographic research in the modern times, I published “On Chrono-holography” in 1986,and invented a holographic diagnostic- therapeutic instrument in the following year.

My invention was sent to the 15th International Invention Fair held in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, by the State Science and Technology Commission. It won the gold medal at the fair, and also the patent in China.

On the basis of years’ clinical experience, I developed the mental-psychological holographic analysis and diagnosis, which signifies the progress of holographic diagnosis and treatment from the category of pure biology medicine to that of biology-psychology socio-medicine.

I published “An Introduction to Holographic Medicine” in 1989, clarifying a series of principles in the new subject of holographic medicine. In 1991, my Holographic Medicine came out.

With the joint effort of medical workers through the years, holographic medicine has been developing quickly. The Holographic Medicine Research Association of China, founded in 1994, has gathered together a considerable number of experts on holographic medicine.

And, at present, near 1,000 professionals are working for the development of holographic medicine. The national conference of holographic medicine has been convened twice (in 1994 and 1996 respectively) with two thesis collections published, and the third is now in preparation.

What Is Holographic Medicine?

As a new branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), holographic medicine takes basic principles of TCM as the foundation.

Under the guidance of the long-evoluted holographic relation of human anatomy and physiology, of human mind and psychology and chrono-holography, holographic medicine starts with the concept of wholism and differentiation of symptoms and signs.

Its range of study includes holographically-related changes between holographic units of the human body and the overall stereo-space or rhythms of chrono-holography, holographically-related changes between holographic units of human mind- psychology and the overall space or chrono, holographically-related changes between the body and mind, holographic relation between the body and the drug, and holographically superior drug.

By applying these inter-related features, rhythms and changes, holographic medicine, as a new subject, aims to regulate human physiology and psychology. By using basic diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, such as non-traumatic therapies, acupuncture, holographic diagnostic-therapeutic instrument and mental-psychological holographic analysis, and by studying holographically related common features between several stereo-gradations and the whole body, holographic medicine prevents, diagnoses and treats diseases.

Basic Principles of Holographic Medicine

On the basis of TCM principles, the concept of wholism and differentiation of symptoms and signs, holographic medicine makes use of the relation between holographic units and the whole body of human, and the interrelation among holographic units to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. The establishment of the concept of holographic unit shows the meaning of the basic principles of holographic medicine.

The concept of holographic unit has two aspects of implication. First, it means the part of human body which has its own independent function, and which bears overall information of the body as well. Ear, eye, nose, tongue, for example.

Each holographic unit possesses its special anatomy and physiological function empowered by the body. For example, an eye can see, ear can hear, hand can carry and foot can walk. At the same time, it reflects the overall information of each part of the body, that is, the information reflected at point-areas of holographic units that shows the anatomy, physiological changes and differences of each part of the body. For example, on the face of the middle fingertip, there are point-areas reflecting changes of the vertex, ear and blood pressure.

On the great-toe massage reflex area, there are point-areas reflecting changes of pituitary gland and trigeminal nerve. Holographic medicine, in this way, diagnoses diseases with the help of the changes at point-areas of certain holographic unit, and then, treats diseases of each part of human body.

On the other hand, holographic unit also refers to human mind and psychology. Any change in human body cannot take place independent of human mind and psychology, which are holographically related. Each individual’s mind and psychology reflect the mental and psychological characteristics of certain community or of human race as a whole; on the contrary, the mind of the entire human race is the aggregate of individual minds.

Individual minds influence and enrich the mind of certain community or of human race. As a result, individual mind, community mind and human mind as a whole are all holographically interacted. As far as a single person is 

concerned, his mind should be shown in kinds of mental holographic units, such as thought, feelings, consciousness, will, sense, disposition, memory, thinking, imagination, ability, idea and perception.

All these mental holographic units co-ordinate into a mental whole and each contains the overall information of the mental whole. For example, each individual’s thought is stamped with the brand of a certain class. Thus, it can be said that every mental holographic unit contains the mental whole, and is also contained by other mental holographic units. In other words, the mental whole can be seen through each man or through certain mental holographic unit of him.

All this exposes the holographic relations in human mind and psychology. Holographic medicine contributes to the human health by applying this holographic relation between the individual and the whole, or interrelation among holographic units.

Any substance system is the unity of space and chrono, and the holographic unit in holographic medicine is no exception. So holographic unit is also clearly featured by chrono-rhythms.

That is to say, any holographic unit, physical or mental, indicates not only space holographic correspondence with the whole body or with other holographic units, but also the holographically-related correspondence of certain chrono-rhythmical changes between itself and the whole body or other holographic units.

From the point of biology, holographic unit displays a series of corresponding changes of chronical or rhythmical holography, for example, biological recapitulation as a whole, annual rhythm, seasonal rhythm, monthly rhythm, weekly rhythm and daily rhythm, etc.

From the point of human mind and psychology, individual mind and psychology can show different holographic changes in correspondence with time, place and community. From the point of either side of the two, (biology, and mind & psychology) holographic unit shows changes of chrono-rhythms concerning birth, growth, youth and dotage.

So, in holographic medicine, holographic unit means the part of human body which is particularly functioned or characterised in morpho-physiology, in mind and psychology, and which indicates the information of the whole body, such as ear, tongue, foot, hand, eye, nose, scalp, thought, feelings, consciousness, will, sense, disposition, memory, thinking, imagination, ability, idea and perception, etc.

Any holographic unit is empowered by the body to be morpho-physiologically functioned. Besides, on its point-areas, it also indicates anatomy of each part of the body, and changes and differences of physiological holographic information of the body concerning chrono and space.

For example, a hand is empowered by the body to work; and on it, there are near a hundred points indicating the overall information about space or chrono changes and differences of organs on human body. There exist common features between one mental holographic unit thought, for example, and another holographic unit— sense, for example; or unity between one mental holographic unit and individual mind, community mind or even human mind as a whole.

But each of these elements has its own independent specialities. Both the common features and the specialities not only have space holographic relation, but also are holographically featured by certain chrono-rhythms. 

From the above, it can be concluded that, in holographic medicine, the concept of holographic unit emphasises the information of the whole body that it can reflect.

More specifically, this information is the epitome of the whole body included in a certain “fragment” (Each fragment contains the information of the whole body.), or certain part of the body, not the specific anatomy of the “fragment”.

Just like other concepts of TCM, this concept puts more emphasis on function than on anatomy. Holographic medicine also stresses that, even on body holographic units, there exists mental-psychological holographic correspondence regulating the body through mind and psychology.

For instance, some point-areas on ear can be used to regulate emotions. We should actively study it to serve the people.

In holographic medicine, the clinical values of holographic units are different.

From the point of human body, those holographic units, which are more important in human activity, are more valuable clinically, because they bear on them more, clearer, more complete information of the body. On the other hand, those holographic units, which are less important in human activity, are less valuable clinically.

For example, human head, ear, eye, hand and foot are pivotally indispensable in human activity. Naturally, they can bear more information of each part of human body, and can also reflect this information more clearly than those less important organs, as metatarsal bones, metacarpal bones, etc.

From the point of human mind, the holographic units which are more closely related to people’s mental-psychological activities are more valuable clinically since they can reflect more mental or psychological information.

On the contrary, those that are less closely related to people’s mental- psychological activities are less valuable in clinical practice. For example, given an individual’s mental-psychological activity, family spirit more than that of the human race as a whole, will influence him or her more greatly.

In clinical practice it is more valuable to use family spirit to regulate mental-psychological abnormalities of family members. But in actual practice, better effect could be achieved only when this holographic relation of human mind and psychology is flexibly applied.

Holographic medicine and holographic biology are different although they both use holographic theory. Holographic medicine builds itself on the theories of traditional Chinese medical science.

In practice, it starts with concept of wholism and differentiation of symptoms and signs, applies to the prevention and treatment of diseases the concept of holographic unit which has both physical and mental-psychological connotation. Holographic medicine also puts stress on integrate 

holographic information of holographic units, including not only space holographic characteristics, but also chrono-rhythms. In this sense, only the treatment of diseases at proper time could achieve good effect.

So, holographic medicine is a clinical branch of TCM, belonging to biology psychology socio-medicine. Holographic biology is a branch of biology, belonging to basic theoretical research.

Its subject of study is holographic embryo, which is emphasised as an anatomy-functional unit, not including a concept of mind or psychology.

Tasks of Holographic Medicine

Holographic medicine is a newly established subject. Many important tasks need urgent research:

  1. Further study on holographic units of the human body and their stereo- distribution to treat diseases and to train more professionals in this field.
  2. Further study of mental-psychological point-areas on body holographic units in order to treat the patient physically and psychologically as well.
  3. Further study on mental-psychological holographic analysis and treatment in order to cure the ever-increasing mental-psychological and psychology-physical diseases.
  4. Further research on holographic mechanisms with the help of modern knowledge and techniques in all subjects concerned in order to establish the classical experiments of the holographic mechanism and to reach the unity of Oriental dialectics and Western analysis.
  5. Detailed exploration and application of chrono-holography in order that one share of chrono-holographic treatment could bring about the effect that should have been brought about by a dozen shares of more space holographic treatment.
  6. Development and optimisation of holographic drugs with the help of the holographic theory in order to improve the production and quality of the drug; vigorous development of clinical practice in holographic drug in order to improve the effect of holographic therapy.
  7. To carry out research on holographic diagnostic -therapeutic instruments, improve the accuracy of instrument diagnosis and the effect of treatment, and to standardise, diversify and automate these medical instruments as well.
  8. To organise medical experts on holographic medicine to revise the Holographic Medicine every three to five years in order to lay a good foundation for the standardisation of holographic treatment and for the perfection of holographic theory and the training of professionals.
  9. In 1997, organised by Holographic Medicine Research Agency, with Li Lai Tian, Tian Daozheng and Jiao Chunrong as compilers-in-chief, The Complete Works of Holographic Medicine was published by China Medical Science and Technology Press. These compilers include as many as authoritative experts on holographic medicine in and out of China. For example, Prof. Zhang Xinshu, inventor of Carpal-Angle Acupuncture, Prof. Tian Weizhu, legal heir to the inventor of Eye Acupuncture, Prof. Zhu Mingqing, inventor of Scalp Acupuncture, Dean of American Acupuncture Research Institute, Dr. Zhou Minhua, Director of International Micro-acupuncture Agency, Chairman of California Association of TCM Practitioners and inventor of Zhu-Zhou’s Scalp Acupuncture, Prof. Wang Wenhua, inventor of Nail Diagnosis, Prof. Guan Zunxin, inventor of Tongue Acupuncture, Prof. Liu Yaxian, expert on Mouth Acupuncture, Prof. Zhou Zexin, inventor of Zhu-Zhou’s Scalp Acupuncture, Vice Director of American Acupuncture Research Institute, Prof. Hong Lianggu, Director of Malaysia Holographic Diagnosis-Treatment Center. This fact proves that holographic medicine research involves many experts in and out of China. This book has been selected as text book in USA by International Microacupuncture Agency, and been proved wonderful ever since. 

Holographic medicine faces a great many tough tasks and we heartily hope that our fellow doctors home and abroad will contribute their valued advice for the prosperity of holographic medicine.

The Significance of Holographic Medicine

1. Before the theory of holographic medicine was advanced, there were all kinds of diagnoses and treatments for diseases of the whole body by treating certain parts of the body, such as ear acupuncture, foot massage, hand acupuncture, nose acupuncture and mouth acupuncture.

These therapies are accumulated spontaneously from individual or national collective experience, but short of unified theory to direct. Each therapy is independent, without theoretical relations with others, and cannot complement each other.

However, the birth of the holographic medicine theory unites these spontaneous and seemingly independent therapies by means of modern theory of holographic science, and makes them become a diagnostic-therapeutic system guided by the unified theory.

The theory of holographic medicine shows each independent therapy has holographic relation with the whole body, which makes the scattered and independent therapies have the unified holographically interrelated characteristics, under the guidance of the unified theory.

Thus, these therapies are united in a holographic system of diagnosis and treatment, and they have been changed from spontaneity to consciousness, from individual experience to scientific rationality, from independent therapy to a mutually complementary system of diagnosis and treatment with the unification of theory and practice.

2. At present, the numbers and details of acupoints are different in each acupuncture, such as ear acupuncture, mouth acupuncture and foot acupuncture and so on. Each therapy has its own advantage in treating certain disease.

Under the direction of the holographic medicine theory, we can more consciously explore the space-disposed acupoint groups from the already-found acupoint groups in these therapies, and find out the new and unused point-areas tallying with the body epitome to serve the people.

There are great potentialities in this aspect, for instance, we have found the dysmenorrhoea acupoint and constipation acupoint on the side of metacarpal bone. To stimulate the shoulder- area on foot can treat arthritis of innominate bone.

3. The existing hand acupuncture, foot acupuncture and mouth acupuncture, etc. are mostly limited to physical treatment, seldom involving the mental-psychological point-areas.

To explore according to the theory of holographic medicine, we may find out more point-areas concerning mental or psychology-physical diseases to serve the people. For example, motion point-area on hand; point of psychological treatment, seeming-calm point, nervousness area, and pleasure acupoint on ear.

All these make holographic diagnosis and treatment a new troupe of biology psychology socio-medicine.

4. Holographic medicine reveals the connotation of the concept of wholism and differentiation of symptoms and signs on each point-area through holographic therapy, raises the traditional taking stopgap measures — treating the head when the head aches, treating the foot when the foot hurts — to a higher level of the concept of wholism and differentiation of symptoms and signs.

Holographic medicine has been united with traditional Chinese medical-pharmacological theory, and has become a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine and greatly improved the curative effect.

5. In applying holographic diagnoses and treatments from the height of holographic medicine, it is advisable to combine all of them and to complement each other according to the need of the patient’s conditions, thus to improve the curative effect as well as the doctor’s capacity in treating patients.

6. Holographic medicine theory reveals the good effect of proper timing of treatment on holographic therapeutic point-areas. It emphasises that, for diseases, each has its best time limit of treatment.

In this sense, it unifies the age-old chrono-treatment in TCM and the latest chrono- treatment in all types of holographic treatments. So, one share of chrono-holographic treatment could bring about the curative effect that should have been brought about by a dozen shares of space holographic treatment. For instance, in applying Fang’s Scalp Acupuncture to treat insomnia, better effect could be achieved at night than in the daytime.

7. The birth of holographic medicine also brings similar folk diagnoses and treatments of different nationalities to the height of holographic theory. For instance, in some nationality, the large intestine is used to diagnose diseases of the whole body of drought animals.

People used to regard this as a spontaneous experience. But today, from the point of holographic medicine, the large intestine can be viewed as a holographic unit, on which there is holographic information of the whole body. Naturally, it can be used to diagnose and treat diseases of the whole body.

8. It is not long since the theory of holographic medicine was advanced. It is still in exploration in some aspects, such as, the exploration of mental-psychological holographic point-areas in holographic diagnosis- treatment group; the chrono-rhythms of each holographic point-area.

What we have grasped is only a little, which shows the theory of holographic medicine not only perfectly summarizes the former diagnoses and therapies, like hand acupuncture, ear acupuncture and foot acupuncture which were spontaneously researched and summarized and improves them to a holographic system of diagnosis and treatment; but also has a broad orientation and prospect for development and research.

The potential is great. With further exploration in this field, it is sure to make a great contribution to the health of human beings and become one of the most important subjects in safeguarding human health in the coming century.