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T T Ang System

Why does a person often feel sick whereas others stay in good health even without medication? Why do people suffer from chronic disease, diabetes, vascular or heart diseases,…

Ancient Chinese

Ancient Techniques With e-System Acupuncture

Enable a better understanding in ECIWO theory and application in the acupuncture treatments. Please refer to our website www.chinesenaturecure.com for the article “Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)” 有关穴位释放自体内化合物质及其作用的资料等,请参阅我们的网站www.chinesenaturecure.com…


Modern View on the Theory of Channels, Collaterals, and Organs

A long time associate of mine, Dr Mikhail Teppone, send me his latest paper on the modern view of the theory of Channels, Collaterals, and organs. I am re-posting…

TCM Concepts

Modern Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

This is the second part of what Dr Mikhail Teppone emailed me. I’m helping him put up on my website to help him get more views on his paper….

holographic medicine

The Concept, Basic Principles Tasks And Significant Of Holographic Medicine

Dr. TCM Li Lai TianChina Shandong Medical University, China  Inspired by the ancient holographic theory and influenced by the heated holographic research in the modern times, I published…

Traditional Chinese Medicine

ETIOLOGY Etiology of Chinese Medicine In China

Having existed as a part of humanity through the ages, cancer is now one of the leading killers and cause of poor health in our civilization. History has…


Acupuncture for Varicose Veins

THE PHYSIOLOGICAL CONCEPT Varicose veins – distended, visible superficial veins on the legs – are almost always the result of problems with valves within the venous system of…